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How to Sell My Diamond Ring :Diamond Lighthouse
Diamond is a very precious stone in the market. It has a separate fan base among people. People like it very much. Couples want a diamond ring for their wedding, marriage anniversary and birthday. Sometimes, they could not find a perfect place to buy diamond rings. Diamond is very costly. So, it is unfair and idiotic to go to a random shop and buy something. You will have to do a little bit of research and read some valuable reviews before taking any kinds of the purchase decision. In this case, Diamond Lighthouse is the perfect option for you. You can sell a diamond ring at an excellent price on our website.

Selling your old diamonds:
Best way sell diamond ring - You can sell your old diamonds at our shop. Many people want to sell their unwanted diamonds. Diamond Lighthouse will help you in this regard. If you do not want to keep the old diamond rings that you have gotten from your previous relationship, then you can sell it to us. We ensure the fact that you get the maximum amount of money from your diamond sale. We are a New York-based company. We have already earned much reputation. We have 30 years of experience in diamond selling and buying. So, we are very popular and trustworthy in this industry.

Offer a bidding platform:
Diamond Lighthouse works as a bridge in between diamond owners and expert and experienced diamond buyers who may be jewelers and dealers. We always try to make a stable relationship between buyers and owners. So, we set a bidding platform that you can control. This system makes Diamond Lighthouse unique and fashionable. We actually do not buy your diamonds directly. We help you to sell it to another party. We arrange the bidding platform for both of the parties. In this way, we also make money from your selling, in the form of commission.

Accept various types of diamonds:
You can sell any diamond on our site. No matter what kind of diamond you want to sell, our experts will check your diamond carefully and then we will ask the bidders to place bids for your diamond.

We have some certified gemmologists in our office. They will verify the diamond by using various steps. Like other local shops, they do not only check your diamond by using a loop. We use different advanced levels to verify your diamond. We check it thoroughly to give you the maximum price of that. We are very much professional and friendly as well. We will guide you carefully and give you the perfect solution according to your situation. We are ready to assist you in this regard.

Reputable buyers:
We have many legitimate buyers on our platform. We have so many reputed and verified contacts in our hands due to our immense popularity. You can check online to get our feedbacks and ratings. We always try to help people and offer them a great deal as well. Our trusted buyers are still ready to pay the full amount and the current value of the diamond. We have some private networks that the ordinary people and the local shops do not have.

Universal access:
We also expand our business internationally. We are one of the trusted companies in the world. We know the value of time and money of our customers. We respect every customer of ours. We have expanded our global business and try to enrich it with potential and valuable customers.

Fast processing:
You need not wait for a long period. In 24 hours of the time limit, you can sell your diamonds. Our whole process finishes in between 24 hours. Within this period, your diamond will be posted for bidding. Some so many experts will start the evaluation process of your diamond. This evaluation takes just 30 minutes. So, you can get more information at this time. You can easily control your sale. You will be satisfied. After the thorough investigation of all offers, you can sell your diamond at the desired price.

Our whole process is very safe and secured. There are trustworthy staffs in our company. They will guide you correctly. You do not need to go to local shops. They cannot provide you the right verification and security. However, Diamond Lighthouse is a place where you can find safety and security as well.

Insured value:
After coming to our shop, you need not take any kinds of pressures. After getting your diamond, we will provide you 100% assurance for the full value estimate. If you want to get it back, we will also do this for you.

Selling process:
The selling process for our company is unique. We are efficient and smart. We can take care of secured shipping. We do not charge you any kinds of shipping costs. The ship is entirely free. This is an online procedure. You can also go for our offline method to sell a diamond ring. You can get an appointment to drop off your diamond at our office in the Diamond Tower Building, Manhattan famed Diamond District.

Evaluation process:
After getting your diamond, our experts will open the package carefully to inspect it thoroughly and adequately. We also record this verification process. You can watch it online. There are GIA certified gemologists in our company. With the verification report, we will go to the market analysis. Our customer service person will get in touch with you about the prices and estimation. After getting the estimate, you can take your buying decision.

We sell only to trusted buyers. If you want to get experts’ advice, then we can help you in this regard as well. After selling your diamond, you will get your money within two business days. So, you do not need to take pressure about your precious stone and valuable money. Diamond Lighthouse is there to help you in selling and buying a diamond from you. We have a trusted network and secured process of evaluation that can quickly satisfy customer’s buying and persona of sale.

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Diamond Lighthouse accepts diamonds from 1 Carat Diamond and up.

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