“How do I sell my diamond ring?” It’s a question many people ask themselves, whether they have an old ring lying in a jewelry box or they may have just inherited the jewelry collection of a distant relative.

Diamond Lighthouse does not by diamond rings, instead we provide a service to help you sell them. We work with a network of diamond buyers who are in the market for exactly the diamond ring you have. When you work with us, the ring remains your property until an offer is accepted, and if you change your mind for any reason, you can cancel at any time and have the ring shipped back to you free of charge. No decisions are made without your approval and the ring is only sold once you approve the final offer.

The process is simple. You can send your diamond ring to us in our secure, fully insured FedEx packaging or schedule an in-house appointment and bring your diamond ring to our offices. Once the ring has been fully examined by our gemologists, we reach out to our network to let them know your diamond ring is available. They then place competitive bids on your ring, which you are able to view in your online personal portal. Once you accept an offer, we close the sale on your behalf and promptly send you the money.

We have helped many to sell their diamond rings and receive the most cash possible. We promise to help you, too. Contact Diamond Lighthouse today online or by phone at 212-776-0003.