Sell My Diamond? Jewelry Store, Pawn Shop or Online?


Feeling Trapped?  Here’s How To Sell Diamonds the Right Way

When you want to sell your diamond jewelry, a lot of pawn shops and corner jewelry stores will often tell you the material your diamond is set in is worth more than the diamond itself. This assertion is usually followed by an offer to pay you the daily rate for the gold, platinum, or whatever material your jewelry’s made out of. They’ll make it sound like the best deal you could hope to get. After hearing this enough times, you might start to wonder if it’s true. So, is it?


No. Not at all.

In fact, 95 percent or more of the total value of your jewelry is in the diamond. Why would these stores be telling you otherwise? Are they lying to you? No, not necessarily. Most of the time, it’s just plain ignorance. Pawn shops and secondhand jewelry stores just don’t have the expertise and experience necessary to accurately judge the value of the diamond. To do that job right, they’d need tools, training (preferably from the Gemological Institute of America), an understanding of certification and experience grading diamonds that you just can’t get working in a jewelry store.

 The Best Way To Sell Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings & Diamond Jewelry

There’s also a common misconception nowadays that diamonds have no value. Nearly everyone has heard about how the value of diamonds is kept artificially high. That’s true. Many take this to mean that diamonds are worthless. That’s not true. People are willing to pay money (often large amounts of money) for secondhand diamonds. That’s where the value comes from. The trick is finding those people.

 So Where to Sell Diamonds? 

That’s where Diamond Lighthouse comes in. We have experience in the diamond industry. More than 25 years of it, in fact. Our expert gemologists have the tools and know-how to tell you exactly how much the diamonds are worth and how much the jewelry is worth. That’s how we know that the diamond is always, always worth more than the material its set in. That experience allows us to command the kind of prices jewelry stores and pawn shops aren’t able to offer you. We have an exclusive network of diamond buyers to whom we can show your diamond jewelry and bring you back the best offers. Once you hear an offer you’re satisfied with and agree to the sale, we make the deal. Nobody else has the expertise and the trust of the diamond industry required to sell your diamond jewelry this way. We do, allowing us to guarantee you get the most money for your diamond jewelry.Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-famous-stones-Loose-loupe

 Who Buys Diamonds?

Our expertise also allows us the flexibility to sell your jewelry in a way that will command the highest price. High quality diamonds are generally worth more outside of the setting. If we’re able to get you more money by selling the diamond and the setting separately, we will. Likewise, if your jewelry will fetch a higher price with the diamond inside the setting, for example if the setting hides a flaw or scratch, we’ll do our best to sell it that way. Whatever we can do to make you more money.

What Is My Diamond Worth?  

We’ve found that one of the best ways to make you more money is to make sure you’re informed. We want you to fully understand how the diamond market works, what your particular stone is worth, and how we got that number. Unfortunately, most jewelry stores don’t have the same goal. The notion that the precious metals are worth more than the diamond often doesn’t come from a place of ignorance. A lot of the time, these stores know full well that the diamond is worth more than the setting. They’re trying to buy it off you for as little as they can so they make more money when they sell it to someone else. Don’t waste time getting mad at them. Instead, take your diamond to someone who isn’t trying to pay you less.

The Best Place to Sell a Diamond Ring

At Diamond Lighthouse, we aren’t trying to buy your diamonds off you for the lowest amount you’ll take. That’s not our business model. We just try to help you sell your jewelry for as much as you can get. Since we only take a small commission off the final sale price after you’ve agreed to sell, we actually have an interest in getting you the highest price. The more money we can get you, the more we make. That’s why we provide our expertise in valuating and selling your diamonds as a complimentary service. We can’t get our network of dealers to shell out the big bucks if we don’t know what we’re dealing with. And we certainly can’t get you the value you deserve by pretending the diamond isn’t worth anything. Isn’t it nice to have someone in your corner who knows what they’re talking about?



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