What is the best way to sell a diamond ring?

“What’s the smartest way to sell my diamond?” 

When you’re trying to sell your diamonds, security is a major concern. Especially because some of the people trying to buy your diamonds might not be the most trustworthy. Whether you’re selling your diamond to a local secondhand jeweler, online diamond buyer or even through Diamond Lighthouse, it’s important to take every precaution to ensure your diamond is safe, secure and insured every step of the way.

1. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company, especially when shipping your diamond to them.

Before you take your diamond jewelry anywhere, even if you’re physically bringing it to them, make sure you’ve done your research. Read online reviews of the organization, company or shop you’re dealing with, and make sure they don’t have a history of losing valuable jewelry, pressuring people into a sale or otherwise making customers feel they’ve been ripped off. You can also check an organization’s rating with the Better Business Bureau. While a good rating from the BBB doesn’t necessarily mean a company’s completely trustworthy, a bad one definitely means they’re not. Just make sure you have all the information before your diamond leaves your house.Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-famous-stones-loser-buying-engagement-ring-hottie-laughs-at-him-secretly

2. When dealing with a pawn shop or local jeweler, keep your diamond jewelry in sight at all times.

Most pawn shops and secondhand jewelers are reputable businesses and aren’t going to try and steal from you. Unfortunately, not all of them are. When you take your diamond somewhere to sell it, or just to have it examined, it’s important that your jewelry never leaves your sight. It’s the only way to make sure your diamond isn’t “lost,” or replaced with another, less valuable stone. If the pawn shop or jeweler you’re dealing with has a problem with you keeping an eye on your diamond, get out of there as quickly as possible and take it somewhere else.

3. When sending your jewelry to anyone, make sure you’re able to track it every step of the way.

Whether you’re sending your diamond to a buyer or an independent valuator, it’s important that you know exactly where your diamond is from the moment it leaves your house to the moment it arrives at its destination. At the very least, you need a tracking number from the shipping company, but most reputable organizations will include extra measures of security like RFID tags and tamper-evident seals. These help ensure that the diamonds the buyer or valuator receives are the same ones you sent. Some organizations will provide GPS tracking for your package so you can see exactly where your diamond is at all times, allowing all involved to make sure the package isn’t lost or stolen. Ideally, the buyer, valuator or broker will open the package and examine your diamonds on video so you can make sure that everything they do is legitimate and protects the value of your diamonds.

4. Make sure your diamond is properly insured.

Most reputable companies that ask you to ship your diamond jewelry to them will provide the insurance for you. For example, when you sell your diamonds through Diamond Lighthouse, your diamond jewelry is insured for its full replacement value from the moment it leaves your house until the moment you agree to a final sale. Even if you’re not shipping your jewelry anywhere, it’s a good idea to have your diamond insured. You can’t be sure what’s going to happen to your diamond once it leaves your home. If it gets lost or stolen on your way to the jeweler, or even if the jeweler somehow damages the gem during the examination, you’ll want to make sure your jewelry is insured for its full replacement value. Most reputable companies should cover the insurance for you. Though it’s unlikely, it is possible for your diamond to be damaged during the shipping and evaluation process. It’s important to make sure the buyer or broker will cover any damage that may occur while your diamond is in transit or in their possession.

5. Make sure whoever valuates your diamond has the proper tools, lab and expertise.

Whether you’re sending your jewelry to a diamond buyer, an independent valuator or taking it to a jeweler (or even when you’re looking where to sell diamonds online), you should be confident that you’re getting an accurate value for your diamond. An appraiser can’t give you that unless they have a lab with the proper tools and gemologists trained by the Gemological Institute of America. That’s something most jewelry stores don’t have. They might have someone look at your diamond with a magnifying glass, but there’s no way to determine a diamond’s true value with the extremely limited information that gives them. Having the proper tools and training doesn’t just guarantee you an accurate value, it ensures that whoever handles your diamond doesn’t damage, scratch or otherwise decrease the value of your diamond. Here at Diamond Lighthouse, we take extra steps to make sure we valuate your diamond accurately and safely. We carefully weigh your diamond jewelry before and after our valuation to make sure no damage has occurred. Our expert GIA-trained gemologists examine your jewelry by hand with a loupe and make every effort not to remove your diamond from its setting unless it’s absolutely necessary. Then, we record a 3D image of your diamond with our Sarin machine to create a complete record of your diamond. We determine your diamond’s shape and cut, and get accurate measurements of all your diamond’s unique characteristics, including its fluorescence, color and clarity. All this allows us not only to get you the best value for your diamond, but to make sure it’s safe and secure all through the valuation and selling process.Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-famous-stones-lame-contract

6. Don’t sign anything until you fully understand and agree with it.

This is just a good policy for life in general. If a buyer, appraiser or valuator asks you to sign anything, read it carefully and make sure you agree with everything written on it. Also make sure it addresses all your concerns regarding your diamond jewelry. Contracts will often be very complicated and confusing, so it’s important for you to know exactly what you’re agreeing to. What exactly are they allowed to do with your diamond jewelry? Are you giving them permission for the diamond to be popped from its setting? Does the organization cover any damage or loss that may occur during the shipping or valuation of your diamond? Are you able to get your diamond jewelry back at any time prior to a final sale? It’s important to make sure that all your questions and concerns are addressed in writing and that you’re comfortable with the answers before you sign anything. Otherwise there’s no telling what you’ve authorized a stranger to do with your diamond.

7. Make sure you retain ownership until you’ve officially agreed to sell.

This is part of making sure you understand and agree with anything you sign, but it’s a big one. Until you’ve formally agreed to a final sale and the money is in your pocket, the diamond jewelry is still yours. Should you change your mind about selling or decide you’d rather take your jewelry somewhere else, it’s important that you’re able to get your jewelry back no matter where in the process you are. When you sell your diamond jewelry through Diamond Lighthouse, you’re in complete control every step of the way. Since our mission is to get you the best value for your diamond, we won’t sell it to anyone until you hear a price you’re satisfied with and have agreed to the final sale. If at any point in the process you change your mind or want to take your jewelry somewhere else, we’ll send it back to you at no extra charge. Wherever you take your diamond jewelry, make sure they offer the same courtesy. It could save you a lot of headaches if you decide you want your diamond back.

Sending your diamond jewelry anywhere, whether for sale, valuation or both, raises a lot of concerns regarding the security of your valuables. At Diamond Lighthouse, we do everything in our power to put those concerns to rest. Our secure shipping package includes unmarked tamper-evident seals, an RFID tag and enough packaging to make sure you’re diamond isn’t damaged, lost or stolen on its way to our offices. Our expert GIA trained gemologists have the tools and experience necessary to give you an accurate assessment of your diamond jewelry without damaging it or decreasing its value. And since you’re in control throughout the entire process, there’s no risk to you. Sell your diamond jewelry with Diamond Lighthouse, and we’ll make sure it’s safe, secure and earns you as much money as possible.


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