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With over 30 years of experience in the diamond industry, the founders and expert staff of Diamond Lighthouse are trusted names in the business. With a stellar reputation in diamond evaluation and sales, your diamond is in good hands.

From the very moment you ship your diamond to us, it is 100% insured for the full, replacement value estimate. Your diamond is completely covered while at our facilities, up until you accept an offer for it and receive payment. If you request to have it shipped back to you, at any point, it is fully covered on the return trip as well.

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Our offices are located in the famed Diamond Tower on Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan’s illustrious diamond district. The entire building is heavily guarded and under 24 hour video surveillance. Our laboratory & evaluation center is also completely secure, protected and monitored on camera.

Qt Diamond Lighthouse we have made the process of selling your diamond a simple, safe and risk-free one. During any time, you can ask to have your diamond returned and we will ship it back, completely cost-free. When your diamond first arrives at our lab, our chief gemologist opens your package on camera and records the entire evaluation procedure. You can view this video any time you like.

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