How to Get Revenge? Sell Your Diamond.



Revenge is a Diamond Best Sold

COLD’s “Word of the Day” recently was “wanion,” an archaic form of the word “revenge.”  …And isn’t it about time you got some?

Getting dumped by a dude stinks, no matter how you slice it – but getting dumped in a particularly insensitive way can really curdle your eggnog.  So what’s a gal to do?  Get revenge, and plenty of it: that’s what.

If you have any fancy diamond jewelry (a ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace, anklet, brooch, tiara, scepter, belly or toe ring) that was given to you as a present by El Señor Dumpo, then it’s time to sell it and treat yourself like the freshly liberated queen you are.

Diamond Lighthouse provides a painless platform that allows you to get the highest payout for your diamonds in as efficient and pleasant a manner possible.  Here’s a comprehensive aggregation of the potential cash you could get for diamonds of various sizes and tiers, and all the fabulous ‘in your face!’ merchandise and services you can then procure with ease.Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-pin-needle-heart-cushion


Your Diamond: “K” Color, 3.25 Carat, “VS1” Clarity

Sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $8,000-10,000


The Ultimate Spa Experience ($6,500) 

A day at the spa can be relaxing and reinvigorating – a week at one of the world’s top rated, all inclusive health spa cum cleansing retreats can be flat out amazing.  Designed to not only soothe one’s soul but to detoxify the body and create a lifetime regimen for sustainable health practices, The Ranch in  Malibu, California is one of the globe’s prime destinations for reinventing oneself.  Melt away excess pounds, build core strength and free your mind.

End Result:  A newer, hotter and more Zen you.


Your Diamond: “M” Color, 1.15 Carat, “S2” Clarity

Sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $700-1,000

= Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-cruise-drink

Caribbean Singles Cruise ($1,015) 

Seven days and nights spent on a luxury ship, weaving from one Caribbean isle to the next is not a bad way to spend your time as a newly single lady. provides numerous cruises around what can only be described as a small slice of paradise.  Flirt on deck with unencumbered gents as you sun yourself and then arrange for a visually spectacular coral gazing dive later that eve.

End Result: A tanner, fresher, ocean-kissed you.


Your Diamond:  “H” Color, 1.25 Carat, “S1” Clarity

Sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $3,500-4,200


The Class of Your Dreams (see below)

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make innovative jewelry/fly an actual plane/be funny/repair a motorcycle/do anything else, now is your chance to finally git ‘er done.  Use your newfound dinero for any of these training options and let your internal specialist flourish (and leave your ex wondering how he could’ve let such a sexy, skilled catch like you get away).


Affordable and adorable, Craftsy offers online classes in virtually every aspect of jewelry crafting.  From beading to wirework, you can learn your all your favorites for as little as $24.99 per class.

Channel your inner Amelia Earhart (or Maverick from “Top Gun” if  you prefer) and master the sky.  At the Accelerated Flight and Instrument Training school you can learn how to navigate basically any mode of aviation under the sun (in an appropriately speedy turnaround time).  Programs cost $595 per day, and classes can vary in length due to the nature of the  aircraft you wish to conquer.

Hone your hilarity invoking conversational skills or simply overcome a crippling fear of public speaking by taking improvisational comedy classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade.  With schools in LA and New York offering humor helping classes in the $400 range, cracking up new dates is well within reach.


Girls can be gearheads too, and there’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows her way around the garage.  From Harleys to Kawasakis, to learn how to fix each and every type of motor bike out there with the online class in motorcycle mechanics at Ashworth College for $549.

End Result: an expert you.


Your Diamond: “E” Color, 1.00 Carat, “I1” Clarity

Sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $1,500-1,700


Extend Your Beauty ($1,500+) 

Still worn by practically every celebrity out there, at some point or another, are the ever-flowing, augmented  tresses known  as extensions.  Nothing highlights your natural pulchritude like an endless mane of gorgeous locks.  You deserve the best in the business, and that’s Great Lengths.

End Result: a seductively coiffed, Rapunzel-like you.


Your Diamond: Oval shape, “G” Color, 1.75 Carat, “VVS1” Clarity

sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $9,000-12,000

=  Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-money-maker-girl

Invest Like the Best

One of the smartest things you can do with any significant chunk of change is invest it in a stock, bond or high yield mutual fund.  With your cash truly working for you, you can then confidently purchase an endless stream of Christian Dior dresses, Louis Vitton bags, Loubitan heels and other fabulous treats that make you feel good inside and out.

Find an extremely thorough listing on what you can do to make your money hustle for you HERE.

End Result: a financially savvy and independent you.


Get smart, get paid, get revenge.

Diamond Lighthouse 

-Joe Leone 


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