Revenge 2: Revenge of the Dude

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It’s ok, fellas; we’ve all been there.  We’ve all had a love that just wasn’t meant to be.  In most cases, things slow down in a flailing relationship (or come to a screeching halt) long before a betrothal band is slipped on the lady’s left digit.  Sometimes a proposal of marriage is offered up…and the fairer sex replies with a “no / nein / niet / oh heavens no (British).” In rarer circumstances yet, the female in question takes the ring…and then rudely rescinds their acceptance and hands the sadly sparkling thing back.

So now what?

Now it’s time to take that devastatingly done diamond and turn it into something fun; something for you.  Unfortunately, you’re never going to get the same cash back for what you paid (that’s just how the retail jewelry business works), but at Diamond Lighthouse we help you recover the maximum amount possible for your ring.  With decades of experience in the biz, we take *unneeded* diamonds to a prime network of dealers who eagerly purchase them for top dollar.  You get the money and can then get revenge on your ex in the most beatific way possible: by buying yourself awesome stuff.


Your Diamond: “K” Color, 3.25 Carat, “VS1” Clarity

sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $8,000-10,000



Kick Butt Sound System ($2,500-$10,000)

Now that you don’t have to share ear-space with the woman, you are free to rock out (once you sell that rock of course).

Here’s a list of the best (yet affordable) speakers on the market today, that you can install yourself if you’re a DIY kind of guy:

Top 10 speakers from $40 to $400

If you’d like to sit back and have an expert audio installation crew do the work for you, check out Entertainment Technology Inc. (the absolute best on the east coast) and DSI Entertainment Systems (the west coast auditory mavens).


Your Diamond: “E” Color, 1.00 Carat, “I1” Clarity

sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $1,500-1,700



These Boots Were Made for More Than Just Walkin’ ($1,700)

Speaking of kicking butt… It’s time to stand up straight and get noticed.  Lending support to your arches and self confidence, an dope pair of boots is essential to any single male’s wardrobe.

Here are the coolest ones this season, sure to garner some serious looks:

KRIS VAN ASSCHE fringed tongue ankle boots ($805)

GUCCI Leather Biker Boot ($1,400)

PHILIPP PLEIN ‘Anger’ boots ($1,660)


Your Diamond: “M” Color, 1.15 Carat, “S2” Clarity

sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $700-1,000



Do or Dive ($475)

Dive the friendly skies!  You’re single now and don’t have to worry about some lady freaking out that you want to perform a death defying act.  Let the wind rip through your hair as you plummet towards ecstasy (and the ground).  Two jumps at Skydive Long Island Calverton will run you $475, while it will cost $300 for one jump at Skydive Santa Barbara (but that one includes a video of the life changing/pertifying event!)


Your Diamond: “G” Color, 1.10 Carat, “VS1” Clarity

sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $3,800-4,000



Watch Out ($300 – $3,190)

Nothing gives you insta-swag like the addition of a cool timepiece.  Simply put, the ladies love a dude with a sleek, authoritative chunk of metal on their wrist – and nothing spells revenge like making your ex seethe with jealousy.

Do not settle for anything less than one of these awesome models (ain’t nobody got time for that):


Tag Heuer Aquaracer Stainless Steel ($1,511.99)



Your Diamond: “G” Color, 1.75 Carat, “VVS1” Clarity

sold through Diamond Lighthouse, could earn you approximately: $4,500-6,000




Bienvenido a Miami ($4,000)

Plane ticket ($600): check.  Three nights in the Ocean View King room at the illustrious Delano Hotel ($1,350): check.  Bottle of Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut at Nikki Beach ($350): check.  Sunblock ($10): check.  Reckless sense of abandon necessary to enjoy one of the most sensuous and delicious cities on the planet (free!): check.

With twice the vice of Vegas, Miami offers you the opportunity to take in some sun and some of the most stunning…ahem…beachside visuals in the land.  With a history as rich as its Cuban food, this is the ultimate town to get down in.

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Get smart, get paid, get revenge. 

Diamond Lighthouse

-Joe Leone


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