She Said “No.” Now What? …What Is My Diamond Worth??


What Is My Diamond Worth …Now That I Feel Worthless 🙁 

You finally did it. You dated this person long enough to decide you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her. You planned the exact moment you were going to pop the question. You saved up for months to afford that beautiful diamond engagement ring. It was going to be perfect. It nearly was too. The sun was shining, birds were singing (at least you’re pretty sure they were) and the moment was just right. You got down on one knee, took out that little box you’d been hiding for weeks.

“Will you marry me?” you asked.

She fell silent. Not a good sign. She slowly shook her head. Even worse. She walked away, leaving you kneeling there, the ring still in your outstretched hand. Alone. A loud clap of thunder and it starts pouring rain.

OK, maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as all that…

Now the engagement isn’t happening and the relationship is pretty much over. What are you supposed to do now?

The Best Way To Sell Engagement Rings 


Well for starters, you might think about getting rid of that ring. If you don’t, it’s just going to sit around your home, bringing back that painful memory every time you look at it. Why keep that thing around? How’s the return policy at the jewelry store you bought it from? Not great, is it? They probably aren’t even offering you half what you originally paid for it. You don’t need to be treated like that. What you need is a fresh start. And for that, you need cash. Specifically, you need as much cash as you can get for that ring. Preferably somewhere in the neighborhood of what you paid.

Most jewelry stores will tell you that’s impossible. Most jewelry stores are wrong. They have a good reason to be wrong. It makes them money. The less they give you, the more profit they make when they sell the ring. So let them be wrong. Let them stand there in their wrongness and be wrong.  So, you ask yourself: “How do I sell my diamond for maximum profit?”  You have a better solution at your fingertips.

How Do I Sell My Diamond?  


Diamond Lighthouse is the only way to make sure you get the most money for that hunk of shiny metal and rock. (Let’s face it, that’s all it is to you now.) Why? Because we’re not interested in buying it from you. That’s right, we don’t want to buy it, we want to sell it for you. When you bring that ring to Diamond Lighthouse, our expert gemologists will tell you exactly what it’s worth, and what we think you can get for it in the diamond marketplace. We’ll take it to our exclusive network of elite diamond buyers and dealers, and proactively work to get you the highest price in the diamond market. We won’t sell your ring until you’re completely satisfied. So, how much does all this cost? That’s the best part. Nothing. If we don’t sell your diamond for you, our service is absolutely free. We just take a flat commission (10% on diamonds 1 carat and higher) once you’ve confirmed you’re completely happy with the final price and have agreed to the sale. The more money we can get you, the more we make. Our interests are aligned. Try getting that kind of deal from a jewelry store or pawn shop. The only thing to do now is figure out what you’re going to do with all that money. Sure, it still might take a while to fully heal, but a new flat-screen TV sure would help.


Learn How it works, and Get started now.



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