10 Reasons Why You Should Try Again After a Broken Engagement

Diamond-Lighthouse-selling-laptop-guy-scooterThe general consensus when it comes to reuniting after a broken engagement is that it is an exasperating, colossal waste of time.  Practically every documented account of this ends in an epic relationship fail.  However, there are certain circumstances when you really should give it another try – and here they are:


10) The Netflix account you shared is in their name, they changed the password and now you can’t watch the newly released season of “Pretty Little Liars.”


9) Your ex is two and a half inches taller than you and can reach the graham crackers on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet.  Otherwise you need to get a chair or step stool.


8) They always have Altoids with them.


7) They own, or have unfettered access to a jet ski.  Seriously, how cool is a jet ski?


6) You have carpal tunnel syndrome or just really weak wrists and they happen to be really good at opening jars.  Also, you LOVE jam.


5) They are just proficient enough to always keep the games highly competitive, but not quite good enough to ever beat you at Scrabble.  Not even once.  Ever.


4) Your ex has several varietals of Cabernet, Chardonnay and Prosecco always available at the appropriate temperature, be it room or chilled – and they don’t mind you opening them at whatever hour you choose.


3) They have some kind of fluffy pet that you like to cuddle with, but not be fully responsible for walking, training or its…waste management.


2) They sign up for Groupon deals all the time and forget about them, until they are just about to expire.  Then they are often busy on the final day they can be redeemed, so they just let you use them instead.  WIN.


1) Your ex ended up keeping the engagement ring.  Regardless of gender or the circumstances, you deserve to have that ring (…or just keep telling yourself that).  Get back together with them and figure out a way so that it’s ultimately yours.  Then you’re free to sell that puppy!  Contact Diamond Lighthouse to help get you the best price imaginable for your diamond.  No joke.  Then get a makeover, a new wardrobe and date someone better.


-Joe Leone


One thought on “10 Reasons Why You Should Try Again After a Broken Engagement

  1. Im getting a new diamond ring just so I can break up with you again and read this article twice while dancing on a high chair drunk.

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