Diamond Lighthouse iPhone Pro Raffle

Good for you
you made it in time for
the iPhone 11 RAFFLE

Ends in

DiamondLighthouse wanted to show its appreciation for the support and collaboration of our users.
So we have decided to give you something back on top of getting the best price for your diamond.

There are two Raffles 
1. iPhone 11
2. iPhone 11 Pro

This how-to enter the Raffle:
When you send us your items information by filling out our get offers form, you will automatically enter the raffle, simple right? And when you send us your actual jewelry item, you will be joining the iPhone 11 Pro raffle.

The winner will be declared when we reach 200 submissions or By November 25th, so don't miss out!
Good Luck to all of you

Get Offers And
Enter the iPhone 11 Raffle here

You are two steps away from selling your diamond

Step one
Using our quick form send us some basic information about your item.

Step two
A phone call from a Diamond Lighthouse staff member we usually get back to you within 6omin or less in working hours.

Diamond Lighthouse accepts diamonds from 1 Carat Diamond and up. 

What happens after I send my diamond?
First you send us your information then we call you to explain to you how to send your diamond.
Within 24-hours of the arrival of your diamond jewelry at our secure facilities, it will be posted for bidding. Our experts immediately start a thorough evaluation, which takes around thirty minutes, so you should have more information about your diamond price within one business day.

You are in control of your sale until you are completely satisfied, but we usually suggest giving two days to properly consider all offers, and you have no obligation to sell.

Diamond types

Here is a diamond guide for your convenience

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