Our Story


About Us

After working in the diamond industry for nearly 25 years, our founder, Moshe Lax, was becoming more and more aware that there really wasn’t any place for the public to sell their diamonds for a fair price. Sure, they could go to a jeweler, pawn shop or online buyer and get something back for their diamonds, but never the true, full worth of the stones. So, as the CEO of Diamond Dynamics (a reputable and esteemed diamond purchasing, cutting and polishing firm), Moshe was able to assemble a team that’s sole goal would be to help people become compensated for their diamonds’ total value. Hence Diamond Lighthouse was born.

We present diamonds to a trusted, vetted network of diamond buyers that the general public simply does not have access to; these buyers are willing and able to pay the full, current value of the stones. Having assisted a great deal of people with selling their diamonds already, we continue to maximize our process, always striving to get our clients the absolute best price for their diamonds in the most convenient and open environment possible.