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We present diamonds to a trusted, vetted network of diamond buyers that the general public simply does not have access to; these buyers are willing and able to pay the full, current value of the stones. Having assisted a great deal of people with selling their diamonds already, we continue to maximize our process, always striving to get our clients the absolute best price for their diamonds in the most convenient and open environment possible.

Unlike other companies that want to bring your price down, we work on commissions, and so we want to sell your diamond to the highest bidder, so if getting the most cash for your diamond is important to you then you want to stick around.

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Monday - Thursday 10AM-5:30PM
Friday 10AM-1PM

15 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036

Accepting walk ins at:
62 west 47 street Suite 305
New York NY 10036
United States

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With Diamond Lighthouse you can sell your Diamond with ease .
Our network will buy your diamond and get you the best price for it,
and if we cant, then don't sell it with us, but we are pretty sure we can:)

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