8 Popular but Untrue Myths about Buying Engagement Rings

You’re thinking of buying an engagement ring, but you’re a little intimidated. We get it. It’s a big purchase and there are a lot of misconceptions about buying diamond rings floating around out there. At Diamond Lighthouse, we want to make sure everyone is as educated as possible when they buy or sell a diamond. We thought we’d clear up a few of these misconceptions and maybe help relieve some the stress that comes with a purchase like this.


1.   Diamond engagement rings are expensive.


Not necessarily. Sure, some diamond engagement rings are expensive, but there are plenty out there that are surprisingly affordable. You just have to decide what you can afford to spend on a ring. Go to different jewelry stores and see what they have in your price range. You might even try a secondhand store if you think your future fiancé would like a vintage engagement ring. If you shop around, you’re sure to find something she’ll love that won’t break your bank.


2.   You have to spend 2 months’ salary on an engagement ring.


No you don’t. This misconception has ingrained itself so deeply into our culture that few people know where it actually came from. It’s not a rule and it’s not a tradition, it’s an old advertising slogan. De Beers, the group that controls the mining and selling diamonds, made up this “rule” for an ad. So how much should you spend on an engagement ring? Whatever you can afford. What’s important isn’t how much money you spend, it’s how the ring looks on her. If you see a ring you know is perfect for her and it’s not very expensive, all that means is you got yourself a good deal.


3.   Bigger is always better.


Jewelry stores like to place a lot of emphasis on carat weight because the bigger diamonds are more expensive. When it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring though, you don’t necessarily need to go big. It really depends on your future fiancé’s personal style. Is she the type of person who wants a giant rock, or would she appreciate a design that features multiple smaller stones? You can also get diamonds cut into fancy elongated shapes, like the marquis or oval cuts, to get the look of a big diamond without the premium price. Besides, if you go for the biggest carat weight you can afford, you might end up compromising on cut, color or clarity and end up with a flaw that might be more noticeable than if you’d gotten a higher-quality, smaller diamond. (Confused about the four Cs? Head over to Diamond University for a crash course.)


4.   The ring has to be a surprise.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to surprise your future fiancé with the proposal, but the ring itself doesn’t have to be the surprise. Many couples today actually go to a jeweler after the proposal and pick out a ring together. It’s no less romantic, and it guarantees she’ll get something that fits her style, her personality and her finger. There’s enough pressure in getting up the nerve to propose already. You don’t have to add to the stress by frantically trying to decide on a ring.


5.   Engagement rings have to look a certain way.


Where did this one even come from? They absolutely do not. There are so many different styles of engagement ring out there and every year brings new trends. You can have a single diamond, multiple diamonds arranged in a pattern, or accent the center stone with a few different gemstones. You don’t even have to have a diamond at all. As long as your future fiancé loves it, an engagement ring can pretty much look like anything you want it to.


6.   You have to know her ring size.


You don’t really. Even if you want to surprise her with the perfect engagement ring, it doesn’t have to be her exact ring size. Any jeweler will be able to resize most rings to fit your fiancé’s finger. It won’t even cost very much. There’s only one exception: if you know she’d like a pavé setting where small diamonds are set close together in the band, you need her exact ring size when you buy the ring. Those settings can’t be resized. If she has her heart set on one of those, you should probably play it safe and go to the jeweler together after you propose.


7.   Jewelers will try and pressure you into a sale.


Some will, but a reputable jeweler isn’t likely to. Most jewelers know that this is a big decision and that you’ll want to shop around. There really shouldn’t be any added pressure when it comes to actually buying the ring. Pretty much no matter where you live, there’s more than one jeweler in town. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or pressured into a sale, just leave and go somewhere else. Buying an engagement ring shouldn’t mean putting up with pushy salespeople.


8.   You get a better selection at a higher-price jewelry store.


High-priced jewelry stores have great selections, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy something from one of them. By all means, include the higher priced stores in your search, but there’s no reason to only visit the high-end places. Smaller jewelers might not have the volume of the bigger stores, but they just might have exactly what you’re looking for. The only way to get the best selection is to explore all the options available to you. Visit multiple jewelers in your area. You could even look online if you’re feeling brave. Cast as wide a net as you can to find the perfect engagement ring.


One final concern that might be on your mind. What if she says “no?” (Don’t worry, we’re sure she won’t. You seem like a pretty awesome guy. We’re just speaking hypothetically here.) If a proposal is turned down or an engagement is broken, it often comes too late to return the ring. Jewelers aren’t known for their lenient return policies. If you find yourself needing to get rid of the ring, Diamond Lighthouse can help you recoup as much of your investment as possible. Since we don’t buy diamonds, we sell them for you, we aren’t trying to give you a low price the way a pawn shop or secondhand jeweler will. We’ll take your diamond jewelry to an elite network of expert diamond buyers and jewelers. Our process allows us to bring you better offers for your jewelry than you’ll find anywhere else. We know you won’t need to use our services for this ring, but on the off chance you do, Diamond Lighthouse will make the process easy and completely pain-free.



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