Marvelous Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


May 10th is right around the corner – and you don’t want to miss this one!  Your mother gave you the gift of life, therefore you owe her big time.  Over the years you’ve probably given her an assortment of lovely gifts, but now it’s time to really up your game.  When it comes to mom, no expense or amount of effort is too great (*remember: gift of life).  Here is a compilation of potentially perfect presents for each and every type of maternal figure out there, from the avid gardener to the jewelry enthusiast to the adrenaline junkie.  Read on – and love your mother!

Your Mom:  Gives Rachel Ray a run for her money.


Your mom rules the kitchen with an iron spoon.  She can whip up a batch of near weightless truffle reduction ricotta ravioli, so light they float off the plate, just as easily as she can bake a zesty jalapeño infused quiche lorraine.  However, she is not too proud to want to learn even more advanced techniques of the trade.  But you’re not going to just sign her up for a routine cooking class hosted at the local strip mall; you’re sending her on a cooking vacation!  Pick the prime destination for your mom, based on cooking style and locale:

Los DosMerida, Mexico – Muy delicioso, plus a taste of local authentic Mexican culture.

Immerse Through – Chiang Mai, Thailand – terrific Thai done the right way on this exotic journey through the land of sticky rice.

Provence cooking classes with Patricia WellsProvence, France – Joie de vivre!  Home style cookin’, the (French) country(side) way with culinary guru Wells!

Eataly – New York & Chicago – Vino, pasta, tiramisu: Momma Mia!  World famous Eataly offers the works, right in the heart of NYC and a newly added Windy City location.

Langlois Culinary CrossroadsNew Orleans – Bourbon street and Cajun treats!


Your Mom: Has a green thumb, hand and Prius.


The lovely lady who birthed you is no stranger to dirt.  In fact, she revels in it.  Planting pods and pulling up weeds is her idea of pure, unadulterated fun.  She’s no slouch either when it comes to identifying a peony from a ranunculus.  So what could possibly liven up her garden that she doesn’t already have access to at the local greenhouse?  Why, knowledge, of course.  Let her fly solo like the beautiful butterfly she is, or join her like queen bee and daughter drone and together become pollenated with flower power!  Floral arrangement classes are a huge hit these days for younger and older generations alike.  She’ll learn new and innovative ways to make that garden blossom with winning winsome style.

Your Mom: Is the Momma Monet of the neighborhood.


So your mom is a virtuoso with acrylics, watercolors and the 3D painting pen.  What better way to let her show off her artistic talent than at a paint party!  At these arty soirees the participants are given paint, brushes, a canvas and a famous work of art to copy (and yes, don’t worry, they are usually BYOB, so even if the artwork comes out bland, everyone still has a good time).  Get up and Van Gogh to: (National), (CA), (NY) – or search for one close to your homestead.  Whether her style is more Frida or Georgia, you’ll have some paint smeared fun together.

Your Mom: has a better eye than David LaChapelle.


Your mother’s bookshelves are so laden with photo albums that they sag in the middle to a precarious point of near collapse.  It’s time to teach her the ways of online photo consolidation so she can continue to add to her collection (without turning her home into an abode that could be featured on the show “Hoarders”).  After giving her a basic tutorial on how to scan and upload her pictures, let her run wild with online photo sharing on,, and  Now she can show the world just how adorable you were when you took baths with your pet turtle “Shelloise.”

Your Mom: likes to party.


Every mom needs to cut loose now and again.  Some like to go about it in a super sophisticated way, at fancy pants wine tastings around the globe.  If this is not quite in the budget, there are some pretty cool Mixology classes held at cocktail lounges all over the country; definitely an amusing spot for the two of you to mix it up at!  If mom just likes to imbibe in peace, take her to one of the  33 best bars in the USA, and let the highly trained staff do all the work.  Cheers!

Your Mom: is one dangerous daredevil of a dame.


Not every mother enjoys sitting at home and knitting; some like to jump off bridges in Costa Rica.  This year you can take the leap with her (metaphorically and perhaps literally) and join your audacious matriarch on one of these adventures in adrenaline, provided by  rock climbing, BASE jumping, surfing, mountain climbing, obstacle racing, ultra marathon racing, skydiving, airsoft (faux gun fighting), barefoot water skiing, buildering* (climbing buildings without protective gear), cliff jumping, free-diving (underwater, no scuba gear, just breath holding), gliding, ropes courses, shark dive (you, in a cage – shark, in a hungry state), zip-lining and many more heart stopping feats.  Or just watch her do these while you sip a margarita – with salt (that’s as adventurous as you get).

Your Mom: likes to drip in more jewelry than Elizabeth Taylor.


Ok, so your mother has some exquisite and expensive tastes; you’ve probably exhausted your budget trying to find the ideal jewelry piece for her in the past.  This year, it’s time to look at things in a new light.  Rather than break your bank trying to locate a gorgeous new piece (that may actually just blend in with all the rest of her fine jewelry, given possible monetary restrictions), there is something different that you can do.  Potentially working in tandem with your father on this gift idea, you can help your mother upgrade a piece of her jewelry to an even better one.  What does this ‘upgrade’ concept mean?  It means you take an older piece (for instance, a diamond engagement ring) and sell it with the best company on the planet at getting you the most money for your diamond jewelry (*hint, hint: Diamond Lighthouse), and then use that cash to help finance a bigger or higher quality or more stylish new specimen of jewelry.  For example, you sell her old 2 carat, G color diamond ring and make $10,000 – then you buy her a gloriously sparkling 2.5 carat, E color diamond ring for $15,000.  Obviously in order to do this you will need your mom’s permission, so that takes away the ‘surprise’ factor, but don’t worry; the delight on her face when she slips on that new, even more fabulous and dazzling diamond ring will far make up for it.  Learn more here!

So from everyone here at Diamond Lighthouse, happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mother figures out there: we appreciate everything you’ve done!    …And yes, yes, we’ll eat more vegetables and wear a hat when it’s cold.


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