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Diamond is one of the most fascinating and precious stones in the earth. Hence, there is a significant demand for it, and the price is also quite high. There is a substantial demand between demand and supply, and this is the reason for its high cost and preciousness. While diamonds have been sold in wholesale quantities for ages, the internet and mobile phone technology have now made it possible to sell loose diamonds online We believe that we can offer some useful tips for those who are planning to sell a small bit and pieces of diamonds online. However, we understand that it is not an easy job, and there is quite a bit of emotion involved in it. Before deciding to part with your single piece of diamond, you would like to keep quite a few things in mind. We have seen people who are keen on doing the right kind of research before getting into the actual job of selling loose diamonds on the worldwide web. We, Diamond Lighthouse have years and experience in helping diamond sellers and buyers. We are happy to share some information, and we feel that it will be helpful to our readers and help them to take the right decision.

The Importance Of Knowing The Customer

While it is possible to meet the prospective customers in a brick and mortar environment, it is not the case as far as online selling of loose diamonds is concerned. Hence, we always advocate extreme caution. To begin with, it is vital to know the full details of the customer to whom the diamond is being sold. There could be many ghost customers set up big diamond cartels. Hence, the sellers should do their homework and due diligence thoroughly and be sure that the “know your customer” norms are strictly followed. The authenticity and genuineness of the prospective buyer should be established beyond doubt.

Understand The Difference Between Cash Offers And Appraisal Values

When you are trying to find out the appraisal value of your diamond, you will be surprised that it could be much higher than a cash offer. Hence, Diamond Lighthouse and its experience team have always advised sellers to avoid rushing through for a cash offer. The reason for this is quite simple. The appraisal value is the price that is set by the insurance company for the loose diamond if it had to be replaced for some reason or other. It is perhaps equal to the price of a brand new car when it is showcased in the showroom.

On the other hand, a cash offer is a price that the customer might be willing to pay for the loose diamond based on its present condition. It is perhaps the same as the price that customers would be willing to pay for a used car. As experts in diamond buying and selling, we would like to put one fact in perspective. Diamond continues to retain its original value and glamour even after many decades and perhaps even centuries. Hence, the practice of cash offers is to try and emotionally force the seller to part with their loose diamonds at a much lower price.

Never Take Any Quick And Hurried Decision

Building trust and a full understanding of the buyer is essential if you are planning to sell loose diamonds online. More often than not, the entire transaction has more emotion than logic and reasoning attached to it. We have come across many situations where buyers try and take advantage of the excitement surrounding such transactions. Hence, we always recommend to sellers that they should not be pressured into making a selling decision. If the sellers’ fee that they are being talked about something that they are not comfortable with, it would be better to take a pause and stop further movements on the transaction. If you are not very sure about it, but the entire operation on hold and gather information and also get back to your emotional moorings on a safe wicket. You should never sell your loose diamond just because you have decided to sell it. While having a time-limit is perhaps okay, we never recommend that you should stick to the timeline in letter and spirit. You are parting with your precious piece of diamond. You must, therefore, be sure that you not only get the best value for money, but you also should get emotional and mental satisfaction from the deal.

Have A Clear Idea About The Value Of The Diamond

Diamond Lighthouse, always insists that our sellers should be fully aware of the value and worth of the loose diamond that they are planning to sell. The condition of the diamond, the purity, the age, and a few other factors decide on the value of the diamond. Even if there are small chips and nicks, it could bring down the value of the diamond. The site also has a role to play, and the larger-sized diamonds are always priced higher. Hence, before you get into the final stages of the deal, you must, as a seller, be sure about the real value of the diamond. If you are not sure, you can approach professionals like us, and we will be able to help you find out the actual cost of the loose diamonds.

Have Supporting Documents & Paperwork Ready

Our experience in this field has taught us a few more tips that could increase the sale price of loose diamonds. It would always be better to have insurance appraisals and original receipts and certificates given by the concerned gemological labs. There are a few reputed ones like AGTA and GIA that could help. These documents, we have found out could help the buyers to get a much clearer picture of the real value, purity, size, and other attributes of the loose diamond that is up for sale. It will help both the buyers and the sellers to take a sensible decision rather than being subjective about it.

The Final Word

As mentioned a few times above, loose diamond sales by individuals is an emotional and even painful decision for many. They could be going in for it because of some unavoidable financial emergencies. However, if the sellers are keen on getting the best of prices, it is essential that emotions are kept out from such transactions. Diamond buyers, big or small, are practical, and your feelings as a buyer have no place. Therefore, you must always be feasible. Failure to do so will never help you to get the right price, and it is quite possible that you will be moving around in circles. In excellent, Diamond Lighthouse always recommends sellers to be ruthlessly practical and emotional if and when they have decided to part with their loose diamond for whatever reason.

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