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Who Insures Your Diamond Jewelry?
Your jewelry is insured by Endurance American Specialty Insurance Company, rated “excellent” by S&P.

When Your Diamond Jewelry Is Insured?
Your diamond jewelry is insured from the very moment it is picked up by Fedex (or, if you chose an in-person appointment, from when it’s dropped off at our facilities). It is fully insured throughout the entire process, until it is either sold or returned back to you.

How Much Your Diamond Jewelry Is Insured For?
You diamond jewelry is insured for its full replacement amount. By default you’re covered up to $40,000 in replacement value, but if your estimated replacement value is higher than $40,000, the insurance is increased accordingly.

Other Important Things To Know
Your diamond jewelry must be packaged along the guidelines provided in our shipping instructions. This helps ensure that the entire process is secure.

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