When a handed down piece of jewelry comes into your possession, the best possible use of this is towards your financial future. A great way to receive cash in a timely manner is by selling your inherited diamond through Diamond Lighthouse. We bring your diamond to the top tier of diamond buyers, seeking diamonds much like your own, and can ensure you will be compensated to the fullest.

Diamond jewelry leftover from an estate; a diamond engagement ring handed down from a beloved grandmother; unworn diamond earrings given as a graduation present: these are all diverse examples of diamond jewelry that fit under the term “inherited jewelry.” Inherited diamond jewelry may have emotional significance associated with it, and it may not. When one makes the decision to sell inherited diamond jewelry, whether it holds a special place in one’s heart or not, you want to know exactly what it is worth and you want to receive the optimal price for it. Having your inherited diamond jewelry properly evaluated by professional graders, who are also adept at understanding current market trends, is of tantamount importance when selling your diamond jewelry. At Diamond Lighthouse, we have Gemological Institute of America (the premier international diamond grading institution) gemologists working in-house. They provide comprehensive evaluations of every piece of diamond jewelry that we receive. This evaluation, in tandem with our expert knowledge of the diamond market and its demands, is what enables us to help you sell your inherited diamond jewelry for the highest value possible.

Aside from the inherent value of the diamonds in inherited diamond jewelry, there are other factors which can affect its overall resale value. Passed down diamond jewelry can sometimes be older in nature, and if it falls under the category of “antique jewelry,” it may have more value than just that of the intrinsic worth of the diamonds and precious metal of which it is comprised. An antique piece of diamond jewelry can be worth more than just these individual components as the entire piece can be resold as a whole. Typically, diamonds are removed from diamond jewelry before they can be resold, as the diamonds are worth more (meaning, they are more desired by jewelers) on their own. Inherited, antique diamond jewelry can sometimes garner a substantial amount of money.

A final thing to consider when selling inherited diamond jewelry is that there is a way to preserve a significant portion of the piece, so that you will always have something to hold on to, and still receive the highest value for the diamonds. When you send your inherited diamond jewelry in to Diamond Lighthouse, we can expertly remove the diamonds from the piece, and then return the original mounting (setting) to you. You can then have different (usually less expensive) stones placed in the mounting. This way you can still wear the jewelry (that potentially came from a loved one), while you also enjoy the benefits of selling your inherited diamond jewelry for the best price possible.