How to Sell Diamond Jewelry for Maximum Profit

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-rings-engagementSo your jewelry box is feeling a little full. You don’t quite remember how it got that way, but after years of birthday and holiday gifts, and little splurges on those adorable diamond earrings you saw in the shop window on your way home from work one day, you now have more jewelry than you know what to do with. Be honest with yourself, how much of that will you ever wear again? If the answer isn’t “all of it,” it’s time to go through your jewelry box. Don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as digging for hidden treasure. Treasure that could turn into money in your bank account. How? We’ll explain.


Step One: Sort Through Your Jewelry Collection

The first step towards converting your old diamond jewelry into cash is to know what you have on hand. Carefully sort through all of your jewelry, making sure nothing gets lost or damaged. Ideally, your diamond jewelry was all stored separately to ensure none of the diamonds were scratched. Even if they were though, it’s not a big deal. Surface scratches can be easily repaired without affecting the resale value of your diamond.


Sort your jewelry into three piles: Jewelry to keep, diamond jewelry to sell and non-diamond jewelry to sell. You might also want a “maybe” pile for any jewelry you’re on the fence about. After you’ve done that, take all the jewelry in the “keep” pile and put it back in your jewelry box. Make use of all that extra room you have in there now, and don’t store the diamonds you plan on keeping in a way that might scratch or damage them. For example, they should not be in a position where they could hit or rub up against another diamond. Each piece should be wrapped in a separate lint-free cloth. Then, they should be placed in a cushioned box, packed in such a way that they can’t be moved around even if the jewelry box is dropped. It’s also best to keep the jewelry box somewhat hidden, just in case you experience a break-in.

Now, look at the maybe pile if you have one. Try on each piece individually. It might help to try them with different outfits. Now is the time to be really critical. Does this jewelry match enough of the outfits you’d realistically wear? If not, is there any chance your kids (or future kids) would ever want any of it? Is there any real chance that any of this jewelry will be used again if it goes back into your jewelry box? If you can’t answer these questions with a definite “yes,” sort them into the remaining two piles.

Step Two: Sell Your Non-Diamond Jewelry

This is probably the most difficult step in the process. Fortunately, it’s still pretty easy. All you really need to remember is to avoid pawn shops. This might seem counterintuitive, but selling any jewelry to a pawn shop is the worst thing you can do if the goal is money in your pocket. It’s no secret now that pawn shops try to offer you as little money as they possibly can. They don’t know how much your jewelry is worth and it really doesn’t matter to them. All that matters is that they buy your jewelry for very little and sell it for a huge profit. Search for reputable jewelers that buy secondhand jewelry in your area. Shop around, take your items to multiple jewelers and try to get the best price. Remember: Until you agree to a sale and the money is in your hands, never let the jewelry out of your sight. If a jeweler says they have to take it into a back room or keep it overnight, take your jewelry, get out of there and find a reputable jeweler.

Step Three: Sell Your Diamond Jewelry with Diamond Lighthouse

Your diamonds are the most valuable pieces in your collection, and therein lies the opportunity for you to make the most money. Even better, the most lucrative step is also the easiest. The only way to guarantee you get the best value for your diamond jewelry is through Diamond Lighthouse. Here’s how it works. Visit our website or call (212) 776-0003 and tell us everything you can about your diamonds. Don’t have all the information? That’s OK. Our expert gemologists with over 25 years of experience in the diamond industry can find out everything you could possibly want to know about your diamonds. If you decide to sell with us, we’ll send you a prepaid secure shipping package with instructions on how to package your diamond jewelry securely with the RFID tag and tamper-evident seals included. Send your jewelry to us and we’ll have it within one business day. We record every step of the process from the opening of your package to our gemologists’ expert evaluation so you can watch everything as it happens. Once the evaluation is finished, we’ll call you with an estimate of what we think we can sell it for.


Diamond Lighthouse isn’t a pawn shop. We don’t buy your diamond jewelry, we sell it for you. Because we only take a small commission after you agree to a final sale price, we work hard to get you as much money as we possibly can. Our experience and unique position in the diamond industry has allowed us to build a network of expert diamond buyers and dealers who don’t normally buy from the public. These buyers trust our gemologists’ evaluations and are willing to offer you more money than any local jeweler. If you agree to sell your diamond jewelry with us, we’ll take your diamond to our network and make sure you get the best price. We do all the work and you get more money in your pocket.

If you have jewelry lying around that you know you’ll never wear again, don’t let it sit there. Clean out your jewelry box and let Diamond Lighthouse help turn it into cash.

Call (212) 776-0003 or visit our website today.


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