How to Make Cash at Home

10 Fun Ways 


Anyone who is a member of any faction of modern society knows that they need access to money in order to properly…live.  They do this by either ‘working for a living,’ being born (or marrying) rich or coming up with an idea for a mobile app that is so amazing they end up set for life (Uber, Pinterest,  This is a very basic tenet of contemporary existence.  However (and luckily for some of you!), there are a few loopholes.  Aside from going on an expedition for missing treasure, there are numerous other, quite tangible ways in which you can earn cash – all set up from the relative comfort of your own house/Winnebago/teepee.  Behold, the top 10 ways to make dough at home.

Up in the Air

If you haven’t heard of by now…well, there’s no chance of that you haven’t, so let’s just proceed.  Turn that extra bedroom/walk-in closet/maid’s personal pool house into instant cash.  Not an iota of spare space in your current domicile?  Well, then it sounds like a trip to your favorite relative’s home/couch while you rent out your place to an eager world traveler is entirely in store.  The best part is that the company has a fairly extensive vetting process (for both renters and rentees), so most likely you won’t have to deal with too many felons getting cozy in your pad.  The site takes only 3% of what you charge your visitors (and you can set your rate, either insultingly high or embarrassingly low, in any fashion you like).


Nice and Roomy

Ok, this is like Airbnb for the baller crowd:  While the name doesn’t indicate the slightly fancier aspect of most of the luxurious listings here, this is actually a glorious choice if you have a larger or more upscale space to rent out (like a villa, chateau or shack d’amour).  Now, they take 8-12% of the fee you collect, so it’s a good idea to list your place on both of the aforementioned sites.  Ultimately, select whoever is going to give you the most loot, after calculating for the subtracted commission rates.

Get Office-ial

Not everyone adores the idea of strangers sleeping in their beds (…obviously certain individuals actually do, but that’s a topic for another discussion on making extra money altogether).  If you have a spare room in your house or apartment that can double as an ‘office space’ then you can turn that enclosure into instant cash with DeskTime (  You just throw some pictures up on their site, and then people come and work in your designated area for whatever timeframe you like.  *Bonus: you can walk through the ‘office’ whenever you like and pretend you are the boss, telling the person renting the room to ‘Fax this for me.’  (…you don’t have a fax)


Half the effort, twice the Fun

This is like eBay light. is technically a subdivision of eBay, where you don’t have to go through the whole bidding process, etc.  You just let them know what merchandise you want to sell (typically, music, movies and tech-related things garner the best prices), they give you an offer price, then you ship your stuff to them and they send you your loot through Paypal.  They also have another, self-serving option: take your payment in the form of a “ Gift Card” and get an additional %15 bonus.  That may be the perfectly incentivized option for online shopaholics, like some of you saucy, commercialism driven folks out there.

The Ultimate re-gift-card!

Whoever came up with the idea for this company is a certified genius.  Each year, during the holidays, people receive “gift cards” from various relatives, friends or part-time-lovers who can’t think of a darn thing to get each other.  Often these cards reside in a wallet or purse for many moons before they are even discovered again (sorry, Aunt Helen, nobody buys things on iTunes anymore).  So was created, to give you a place to dump said gift cards and receive back about 90% of the cash value.  Ka-ching!  Now that $25 of “Bed, Bath and Beyond” nonsense can be 22 actual dollars in your pocket.  Win.

*You can even get rid of your Gift Card…


Not So Secret Agent

Well, now we’re going to get into some of the weirder ones.  There exists a site called where people post tasks that they would like completed, and a fee they are willing to shell out.  Wages range from the meager ($10) to the relatively extravagant (several hundred).  You just pick a project that is suited to your skill set, and violà, moolah on the way.  The assignments listed are pretty diverse, from “Find a four string quartet” to “Attend a Lecture/Prepare a Summary” to “Like everyone of my Instagram pictures” to “Tickle my Elmo” (…that last one is made up).

CON: you have to be a college student to participate in this.

PRO: seems totally worth it to take an online university course just to be eligible for the “jobs” on this cool and quirky site.

Go on Tour

Do you live in an interesting city, historic town or any other locale that people want to visit (ie: basically anywhere that isn’t Detroit)?  Then that means there are tourists that are voraciously hungry for information about your specific geographic location.  Sign up on to be a tour guide, and you can disseminate all the hometown knowledge you have cluttering your brain, as these wayward vacationers gawk and snap endless selfies.  You get to choose how valuable the words coming out of your mouth are, as you can set your own prices.  The good folks at Vayable take a 15% commish.


Can you just…focus??

You probably know someone who has participated in a focus group and gotten paid for it; you can be just like them!  If you like sharing your opinion (as much as your old classmate with the new baby likes sharing photos on Facebook), then this could be the perfect outlet for you.  At, all you have to do is select your location and pick a group that looks appealing to you (apparel, education, shopping, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rivalries, etc.)  They typically pay 100 to 250 bucks a shot, for as little as an hour or so of “work.”  Pretty sweet when you think about it.

Let’s just be Friends

Now this is going to sound a little odd…but people are willing to pay to be your friend.  You just make a friendly profile on, like you would for a dating site.  However, Rent-a-Friend ensures that when you put yourself up for rent, it’s strictly for friendship, no funny-touchy-grabby-lawsuity business.  You typically can make about 50 smackers an hour, as you attend events (concerts, the Superbowl, barn raisings) with your new “buddy.”  As the renter is paying for the entire service, you get to keep the whole fee that you charge for your ever so valuable friendship; the site doesn’t dip into your profits at all.  They say you “can’t buy love,” but clearly you can rent out friendship for a phenomenal price.


Ring in the new you.

If you’re looking to make some serious cash, think about selling any diamond jewelry you may have. lets you ship your diamond items, totally for free, to their lab in Manhattan and then receive an expert GIA trained gemologist evaluation of them.  They then place your diamond(s) on the market, in an open bidding platform (available only to vetted, professional buyers).  You can then view and accept or reject the offers that come in.  If you choose to accept an offer, they send you the payment, post haste.  Boom.  All from the convenience of your own hammock, Lay-Z-Boy or full-body massage chair.

Oh, by the way, that’s our company, and it’s the best.  Check out the glowing reviews people have left here – and learn even more info here.


Happy At-Home Earning!

-Joe Leone


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