10 Dumb Social Media Posts Used During Divorce Trials


The following examples of Social Media related carelessness have been taken directly from actual divorce court cases.   The names have been changed to protect the foolish.

#1)  Stephen made a formal claim to the court that he could not afford to pay his current, or back due, alimony/spousal support.   He then proceeded to post several pictures of himself on Facebook proudly posing with his brand new Lexus.


#2)  Myrna refuted all allegations that she was not being attentive to her child (who she received support for) – yet on a night that she was supposed to be minding him in Illinois, she had “checked in” (on Facebook) to a luxury hotel in Miami during an electronic music conference.

#3)  During the course of his divorce trial, Elan was accused of having a very valuable antique motorcycle that he was not claiming as an asset.  It was ultimately revealed that he had just transferred it to his best friend’s name …when pictures of him and his buddy surfaced on Instagram, smiling ear to ear, taking turns revving the Harley’s engine.

#4)  Jonathan stated in open court that he was financially struggling, so much so that he was going to have to move back in with his parents.   Yet that same week he had smugly Tweeted the details of his new, salary-inflating promotion at work.

#5)  Marissa desperately wanted to collect as much money as possible from the divorce of her wealthy husband Rick.  She was smart enough to delete all the tagged pictures of herself from Facebook that proved she had violated the fidelity clause of the pre-nup she had signed.  …Too bad for her, Rick had already taken screen shots of these.


#6)  Cindy swore up and down that she was the picture of a perfect mother, and demanded full custody of her children.  Actual pictures though (on Facebook) revealed that she often left open containers of alcohol around her toddlers and smoked copious amounts of marijuana in their presence.#7)  Randy wanted sole custody of his children, stating that his wife was an “unfit parent,” and that he was an exemplary one.  Yet she claimed that Randy just didn’t want to have to pay child support to her.  Her accusation was backed by the evidence that both his match.com and OKCupid.com accounts plainly stipulated that he was not only “never married” but “childless.”

#8)  Michael was confident that after his divorce he was going to be able to collect money from his wife, the higher earner (by far).  He was smart; he didn’t have any pictures on his Facebook that revealed that he had been cheating.  He did however have an alias and another Facebook account (a “Fakebook”) that fully illustrated this.  An investigator his wife hired discovered this quite quickly and shattered Michael’s dreams of a life of divorcé-freeloading.

#9)  Another example of online pride getting the best of someone, Harry drained his bank account and showed up in court appearing like a pauper.  His wife’s lawyer was easily able to refute his alleged destitution with internet photos that blatantly showed Harry selling off his vast land to a prominent investor.

#10)  A Pinterest account dedicated solely to showcasing the tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry that her husband had given her didn’t help Amanda’s assertion that he had left her with absolutely nothing in terms of finances.  The photos, complete with captions such as “gift from Tiffany’s” were used as damning evidence to the contrary.

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-Joe Leone



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