How our commission works

Primary Diamond

When we mention the “Primary Diamond” in a piece of diamond jewelry, we are referring to the main (largest) stone in the piece. The carat weight of this stone is what determines whether we will be able to accept it or not, and what specific commission percentage we will take from its sale. If a piece of jewelry features more than one diamond, it has a “combined carat weight.” When accessing the primary diamond’s carat weight, we do not take this combined carat weight into account.

For all Solitary Diamonds that are 1.00 carat and HIGHER, we take a commission of 10% from the Final Sale. (for example, if your diamond sells for $10,000, we take $1,000, so you will receive $9,000 for the diamond).

For all Solitary Diamonds that are LESS than 1.00 carat, we take a commission of 20%.

In general, we do not except diamonds that are less than 1.00 carat, UNLESS (in which case we take 20% from the final sale): – the diamond is part of a set (for example, a pair of earrings) and the cumulative carat weight exceeds 1.40 carats (i.e., a pair of earrings, .70 ct each, totaling 1.40 ct, we accept – and take 20% commission from the final sale. A pair of earrings that weigh .40 ct each, totaling .80 ct, we will not accept). – the solitary diamond is .70 ct or higher and has nearly Perfect Specifications (meaning exceptional grades in Clarity, Cut, Color – and a lack of fluorescence), and, ideally, is accompanied with a certification, preferably from the GIA.


For the sale of the ring mounting (also referred to as the “setting”, such as the band of an engagement or wedding ring): Gold, or any other precious metal, as well as the small side stones (called “melee,” meaning diamonds which weigh less than .25 carats) we charge a 25% melt processing fee (based on the published market rate on the day of the diamond jewelry’s arrival) to cover market fluctuations and reprocessing.

So, if your diamond is 1 carat or higher and sells for $10,000, we take $1,000, and you receive $9,000. If the published market rate of the metal the mounting is made up of is $200 on the day we receive you diamond jewelry, we take $50, so you receive $150. Therefore, the total you will receive for your diamond jewelry in these circumstances would be $9,150.

In regards to bids/offers; when applicable, the metal value will be included into the overall combined offer (we will inform you of two figures – the first, before our commission is deducted, the second, after our commission is deducted).

Diamond Specifications

Since Diamond Lighthouse will be presenting your diamond to the professional diamond dealer market, whose standards of excellence of diamond grading are of the highest degree, all diamond specs are to be determined solely by the Diamond Lighthouse Gemologists during the diamond evaluation. We will not consider the specifications detailed in independent certificates or outside appraisals – except for diamond certifications issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), in which case the Diamond Lighthouse Gemologists will verify the diamond specifications provided.