How Much Is My Diamond Worth

How Much Is My Diamond Worth? Can I Sell It Online?

A diamond is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for for it. Professional diamond buyers determine purchase prices based on each diamond’s “4 C’s” (color, clarity, cut and carat weight). The better the cut, the higher the carat weight, the clearer the stone and the more colorless the diamond, the greater the amount someone will pay for it. There are other factors too which can significantly affect diamond value. Current market trends, for instance. In general, a round brilliant cut diamond is currently the most popular shape, so it has the most versatility when being placed into a new mounting.

This makes this shape more desirable, and therefore stones cut this way will typically garner the highest prices (meaning, they are “worth” the most) because there is the most interest for them in the marketplace. If there is a specific trend happening in the jewelry world (for example, if fancy pink, Marquis cut diamonds are seeing a surge in popularity) then this trend will raise the prices that are being paid for diamonds of this nature.

What's my diamonds worth

If you want to know what your diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding ring, diamond earrings, loose diamonds or any other incarnation of diamond jewelry is worth, you need to have it graded by an expert and then assessed by industry professionals who know the current climate of the marketplace. An ideal place to have your diamond’s specifications evaluated is by the premier diamond grading institution (the Gemological Institute of America) or someone trained there. At Diamond Lighthouse, we have GIA trained gemologists working in-house. They carefully give each and every diamond that we receive a comprehensive evaluation. This evaluation, in conjunction with our expertise in accessing market trends, helps us to find you as accurate an estimate as possible of your diamond’s worth.