How Does it work?

How To Safely Sell Diamonds Online –

Here is How

Now you can request to receive a secure shipping package for your diamond.  We send you the package, complete with a return shipping package and easy to follow instructions.  The shipping is completely FREE and your diamond is 100% insured from the moment it leaves your hands.

The other option is to schedule an in-person appointment to drop off your diamond at our offices in the Diamond Tower Building, located in Manhattan’s famed Diamond District.


Once your diamond package arrives at our offices, we open it and carefully inspect your diamond.  This step is recorded on video – which you can watch online!  Our expert, GIA trained gemology staff then goes to work at evaluating your diamond.  Our Chief Gemologist compiles a comprehensive report which lists all of your diamond precise specifications, which is also readily available for you to view.

With this report, our Market Analysts go to work and derive an estimated range that your diamond should fetch on the dealer market.  Our customer service reps then report this estimate back to you.  At this point, you decide if you would like to proceed with the selling process (you can have your diamond shipped back to you at any time – again, totally free of charge).

Once you give us the go-ahead, we can then bring your diamond to the market.  This is where it gets exciting!

The Sale

We now list your diamond on our marketplace, available only to our network of vetted and trusted Diamond Buyers and Dealers.  They place bids on your diamond.  You can see these bids online right away, and reject or accept any offers you like.  Our reps will be in contact the whole time as well, providing expert advice.  Once you receive an offer you are completely satisfied with, you simply accept it and we finalize the sale.

Your money is then sent to you within two business days, via the method of your choosing.

That’s it!

Contact Us

Are you ready to get started selling your diamond right away?  Great.  Simply click on the “Get Started” button above, or this link right here.  Have questions you’d like answered first?  Just give our super helpful and friendly customer service representatives a call (212) 221-3278, or chat online with them now.

Once you hit the “Get Started” button, you’ll be asked to fill out a simple form which supplies us with your diamond’s details (including its specifications, and if you have any certifications accompanying it).  Don’t know your diamond’s info?  Not a problem!  Out reps will walk you through the process.

After you submit the form, one of our reps will get in contact with you to thoroughly explain the next steps.