Hurry Up and Marry Me Already


Marry in haste and repent at leisure” 

What is up with this trend of rushing head first into marriage?

Long gone are the days when the “Quickie Vegas Wedding” was universally mocked as being beyond impetuous and just flat out ridiculous.  Now, people seem quite willing to walk down the aisle as nonchalantly as they’d walk down a grocery store aisle.  Wildly successful shows like the “Bachelorette” and, um, “The Bachelor,” showcase how we currently believe finding ‘true love’ is feasible within a few weeks and with your newfound, completely compatible partner, you are ready to enter into a bond that theoretically will last a lifetime.  The 1980’s saw hit dating shows such as “Love Connection,” where the big commitment issue was whether or not the couple would go on another date. Today, we have “Married at First Sight,” where the contestants are expected to tie the knot after one meeting.  This pretty much sums up where we are at.

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Cynicism aside, there are a few factors to consider as to why this might be happening.  One major thing is that, while the legal implications of entering into marriage have not changed too much over the years, the overall view of marriage is that is no longer this final and resolute binding contract.  It has regressed into a sort of vagary, which essentially smirks the message: “Let’s give it a shot!  If it doesn’t work out, an equally quick divorce is right around the corner.”  Of course, this is an exaggeration for the many couples that enter into marriage with every intention of spending their entire lives entwined.  Yet, it’s impossible to completely remove from one’s consciousness the knowledge that divorce is much more widely accepted than it ever has been in history; a quotidian occurrence in courts everyday across America.

Another possible reason for speedy nuptials is that EVERYTHING in our society seems to be occurring at a quicker pace.  Fast food, faster internet connections, Snapchat: instant gratification at every corner.  It’s only a matter of time before someone conceives “The Wedding App.”  Our culture of consumption goes hand in hand with the sped up courting process now endemic to many a relationship.  People get instantaneously bored with things that appear costive or time consuming, so who wants a drawn out meeting, acquainting, dating and engagement process?

The obvious factors that have always contributed to speedy marriages are still as prevalent as ever: one partner’s need for money, the desire for a new spouse to legally remain in the country, and of course, the dastardly pursuit of the deceptive to trick their partner into an expeditious union.  People who have deep, dark secrets to hide will often push to get married as quickly as possible …before they are exposed.

Diamond-Lighthouse-selling-creepy-guy-engagement-ringAs all trends eventually come back around again (like bellbottoms and mullets), it’s almost easy to forget how marriage, in many cultures, used to be something that was completely out of people’s control.  Over the decades, people have struggled to gain more and more independence; to have increased control over every aspect of their lives.  So this presents an intriguing irony: with the freedoms we are so happy to exercise, such as marrying someone the same day we meet them on Tinder, we essentially seem to be giving up other privileges we have collectively pushed so hard to attain.

All things considered, it’s pretty hard to refute the theory that super quick marriages will lead to equally brisk divorce proceedings.  It’s debatable whether light speed marriages are the primary result, but a perfunctory  Google search will present you with:

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“I can’t believe we met a week ago and it’s already not working out.”

Certain law firms are competing with each other in not only price reduction, but in the alacrity in which they can help tear your blessed union asunder.  As evidenced, there’s even the DIY version available, for the self sufficient couple who happens to never want to see each other again.  There’s a supermarket in England that offers not just produce but fresh divorces.  There exists in the Netherlands a hotel that, before checking out, gives you a tidy little divorce to take home as a souvenir.  Now that’s a vacation!

Regardless of if your marriage has ended because it was blindly rushed into, or if it simply wasn’t able to endure decades of trying to work it out, there are going to be some loose ends that need tying up.  One such ‘untied knot’ is the fact that you now probably have some engagement/wedding rings that need unloading.  Don’t sell in haste and lose out.  Diamond Lighthouse will help you sell them for the most money you can possibly get, in as timely a fashion imaginable.  We use all of our sundry resources to make sure your diamond is sold to the highest bidder and that you get every penny that your diamond is actually worth – so you can embark on the next exciting chapter of your life.  Whether you move at a break neck speed, or a more leisurely pace, Diamond Lighthouse will be right there alongside you through your journey.

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  1. On one of my trips to Brazil, a friend of mine told me that I should marry a Brazilian woman. Then casually motioning to a group of ladies, he said: “Pick one – any one, they’re all the same.”

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