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Diamond Lighthouse

Diamond Lighthouse was created by the brilliant minds behind Diamond Dynamics, a company founded in 1993 by Chaim Lax. Chaim’s passion for diamonds began with his role as a diamond cutter, where he learned the fine art of cutting stones to perfection. That in-depth knowledge of diamonds followed him in his pursuit of the corporate world thirty years later. He established a company that deals with the entire diamond process—from the rough diamond to cutting and polishing, and through to the sale.

After years of working with diamonds in the rough, Diamond Dynamics moved its focus to buying and repairing flawed diamonds to achieve their maximum potential for beauty. Our knowledge gives us the skill necessary to perfect imperfect diamonds and bring it to the best cut with minimal loss of weight.

Mo Lax then decided to bring our twenty years of connections and expertise to the public by creating Diamond Lighthouse, and allowing you, jewelers and dealers, to purchase diamonds from private jewelry owners at competitive prices.

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15 West 47th Street
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