20 Fun Facts About American Divorce


Smoke ‘Em if you don’t Want ‘Em …married to you anymore: if a spouse is a smoker and the other doesn’t regularly and intentionally breathe in an elixir of toxic gas and tar, then the marriage has a 75% chance of ending in the big D.

365 Ways to Say ‘Seeya’: in the U.S., the median length for a divorce to transpire is one full year.  That’s enough time to have 1 and 1/3 of a baby.

Back in our Day… Since the decade that brought us Max Headrome and WHAM! (the ’80’s), the rate of uncoupling for couples over the age of 65 has increased by 100%.  Now those are some serious senior moments.


The 7 Year Itch, +1: Of first marriages that terminate in divorce proceedings, the average length of the union prior to the filing of papers is a whooping 8 years (the same duration of a typical rabbit’s life).

Two’s a Crowd, Three’s a Disaster: If you have a baby, it doesn’t necessarily affect the likelihood that you’ll get divorced – however if you pop out twins or triplets, your D rate goes up by 17%.

Mo’ Money, Statistically Less Marital Problems: Marriages tend to have longer durations when couples get hitched later in life, are college educated (or higher) and are in the upper income brackets.  ‘I do say…’

Everything’s bigger in Texas!  Except leniency on same-sex-marriage-divorce laws: If you get married in a state that permits same-sex marriage, you can NOT get divorced in Texas.  Sorry, y’all.

Say “I Do” All Over Again! Some couples just can’t let go (or just really love spending money on cake and flower bouquets) – 6% of couples that get divorced will walk down the aisle one more time: with each other.

Age is only a number – that significantly affects divorce rates: if a wife is 2 years+ senior to her husband, the chance of divorce is a firm 53% higher than couples where the male component was aged 3 or more years greater than the lady member.

Dance like no one is watching…except your distrustful spouse: Dancers/choreographers have the highest divorce occurrence of all professions, at 43%.  This may somehow be linked to “jazz hands.”

Bigger Ain’t Always Better: If during the course of your marriage you gain 20% or more of your body weight, the scales become tipped in the divorce direction by a noticeable margin.  Now that’s a super-sized separation.


Drink ‘Em if Ya Got ‘Em …and we’re sure you do, SIR.  Chaps who get divorced end up hitting the bottle more frequently and harmfully than divorced dames; in fact, women actually drink less booze after becoming unmarried.  Gee, wonder why?…


The Kids Actually Are All Right: Child bearing couples are a teeny, tiny bit less likely to get divorced than couples who produce no spawn.  Lesson: make babies (preferably more than 1 and 1/3) to save your marriage.

Home is where the Partners Are: It’s a blatant old wives’ tale that couples who live together before marriage have a higher chance of divorcing.  The reason these old wives made this up is still up for debate.

Two Outta Three Ain’t Men: Two out of three of all American divorce proceedings are filed by the fairer sex.  This is most likely because men typically smell much worse than women.

Proud to Be a (Divorced) American!  Beating out contenders Puerto Rico, Russia and Great Britain is The United States of America for the most divorced nation.  The U.S. leads the world, and possibly galaxy, in every category of uncoupling.  More than a million couples go down separate paths (in the legal fashion) every year.  Now that’s the ‘Merican Way.

OMG! Loosing My Religion: Leading the pack, with 34% of divorced individuals belonging to this sect, are people who consider themselves “Nondenominational” – however the “Atheist/Agnostic” group is tied with Catholics at 21%.

Third times a charm(ingly low chance of success)  The odds that a first marriage will end in legal uncoupling is 41%; a second marriage is even more likely to fail, at a cool 60%; and for those who like to really roll the dice, a third marriage has a 73% likelihood of ending up in a divorce attorney’s mahogany ensconced office yet again.

The White House of Marital Stability.  The only U.S. President to ever get divorced was the economic mastermind behind Reaganomics, Ronald Reagan (but that was during his “Bedtime for Bonzo” days, 1949).  Amazingly, the Clintons are still hitched.

via commons.wikimedia.org
via commons.wikimedia.org

What’s Your Number?  The most expensive divorce involving an American born citizen occurred in 1997 between Craig and Wendy McCaw (running $460 million, give or take several million dollars).  Craig was the brainchild and founder of McCaw Cellular.  It was not disclosed whether or not Wendy was ever taken off their ‘family plan.’


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