Celebrity Diamond Color Favorites

What is the COOLEST diamond color?

As far as colors go, clear diamonds have reigned for many centuries, but CLEARLY people in the realm of cool are SO over that.

steinmetz pink diamond
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Throughout history, pink diamonds have occasionally made a few famous appearances, including the The Steinmetz Pink and the The Noor-ul-Ain (as you obviously know).  Of course the Hope Diamond, the “Le Bijou de Roi” is probably the most well known of the colored diamonds, with its brilliant blue hue and ostentatious 45.5 carats.  Second in terms of notoriety would probably be that other big blue diamond: the one from “Titanic.”

But what is currently the “coolest” diamond color?

In order to answer this, we must first seek an authority on what is cool.  So who do we turn to when we need to know if something is cool or not?  Why, celebrities, naturally.

There seems to be a recent trend of blonde celebs wearing fancy yellow diamonds, including Carrie Underwood, Heidi Klum, Kate Blanchett, Rebecca Romijn, Tara Reid (from “Sharknado”), J.Lo (who’s been pretty blonde as of late) and Anna Kournikova.  One would infer that they are simply matching the stone to their hair color…Is that cool, or just super basic fashion 101?



Other blondie stars seem to be in the more traditional color camp of pink stones, including Kate Bosworth, Blake Lively, Penelope Ann Miller, Katie Price…and Anna Kournikova (sometimes Russian women just need a LOT of diamonds).












One fairly rare color in diamonds is orange.  This shade got a lot of  publicity in 2002, when Halle Berry wore the famed “Pumpkin” diamond onstage to accept her Oscar for best actress.  The name of this diamond may convey images of Halloween and bulbous, poorly carved out faces, but at 5.54 carats and an estimated $3 million in worth, this seeded gourd of a diamond definitely gets some cool points.



Halle, who apparently just likes to be dripping in diverse diamonds, has been know to sport a green diamond ring, too.  Green diamonds get somewhat of a bad rap though, as they are the most common of the simulated color diamonds (having been “irradiated” – which means infused with faux chroma, not just having been left on the radiator).  Since they are man-made, and not naturally occurring, their value is way lower, and thus not attractive to celebrities.  However, green diamonds still remain the color of choice for most leprechauns.


Typically, being different is cool; and nothing is more different than a brown diamond.  These look like, on a good day, lovely glistening chocolates, and, on a bad day, something you scrape from the bottom of your shoe.  One celebrity who really strives to be unique with her diamond color is Kristen Bell, who sports a fancy peachy-brown diamond.  They don’t come more unique than that…

In recent years, there has been somewhat of a dark horse emerging as the favorite in diamond color among the super cool: black.  This has oodles of implications.  The first involves the inherent irony in what a black diamond represents (speaking here specifically of ‘naturally occurring’ black diamonds, which are extremely rare and pricey).  The primary feature that has historically been the hallmark of diamonds, their brilliance, is all but obscured when it appears in an ebony hue.  Obfuscating the sparkle, black diamonds seem to rasp: “I’m so cool, I don’t even need to shine.”  While black has always had its special place in fashion (the little black dress, the black tie affair, The Batmobile) its emergence as the hippest diamond sends another, if slightly arrogant message; something along the lines of “I cost a million dollars, and you can’t even tell.”



Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-Rick-RossA surplus of evidence proves that the “coolest of the cool” have been donning black diamonds: rap and rock stars.  These are the undisputed coolest people, ergo black wins.  Nicole Scherzinger has worn black ROUGH cut diamond earrings, the absolute antithesis of the clear and sparkly diamonds still worn by the uncool.  Hip hop stars Rick Ross and Birdman have immense collections of black diamonds.  One of the wealthiest and coolest people on the planet loves black diamonds: Jay-Z.  ‘Nuff said.

Actresses who have a little bit of an edge to them (read: are cool) have been seen wearing black diamonds, such as the hilarious and gorgeous Julie Bowen, and the versatile and sexy Emily Blunt.










Rock god Stephen Tyler wears a necklace with a menacing skull completely encrusted in black diamonds.

Even Carrie Bradshaw, albeit a fictional TV character, but one regarded as having the epitome of cool style, got a black diamond engagement ring.


The verdict is that Black wins.  Hands down.  So only one question remains: are YOU cool enough to rock a black diamond?  If you believe the answer to be yes, sell your old and boring clear diamond with Diamond Lighthouse (learn more) and lay that new cash down on a black diamond.  BE COOL.



-Joe Leone 


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