Appraisal & Certificate

What is the difference between an appraisal and a certificate/evaluation?
An appraisal is for insurance purposes only. An inflated replacement value is provided in the event that your diamond is lost or stolen A certificate/evaluation is executed by a certified gemologist at a diamond grading laboratory. Here, the diamond’s 4C’s and other crucial properties are determined (GIA certificates are the most trusted and most accurate) At Diamond Lighthouse, a full evaluation is performed by our GIA-trained gemologist to confirm your diamond’s specifications before we begin showcasing it to our network of diamond buyers.


How To Sell My Diamond FAQ

Do I need a certificate or appraisal in order to sell with Diamond Lighthouse?
An image is required to confirm the diamond’s (rough) carat weight
DL will evaluate in-house and determine the 4Cs.

Why do I need paperwork if you will evaluate my diamond?
You don’t need paperwork, However:
Appraisals work in your benefit in terms of insurance purposes (if anything ever happens to your diamond, you will be covered up to the full retail replacement value) Appraisals/certificates can indicate precise diamond specifications (or have additional information) which can help us provide you with a more accurate pre-laboratory estimate.

Will I get an offer that is the same as my appraised value?
Most likely not. Appraisals are guestimates of your diamond’s specifications typically done by jewelers, not trained gemologists. The value is inflated for tax or insurance purposes in order to provide you with a retail replacement value only.

Fees / Payment
What do you charge? What is your commission rate?
All services are free
A commission of 10% for diamonds over one carat at the completion of sale only
25% melt gold value for precious metals.

What is your return policy (what if I want my diamondback)? Do you charge a fee to ship back my diamond?
If at any point before or during our process you would like your diamond shipped back (or if Diamond Lighthouse needs to ship your diamond back to you), it is totally free of charge. It is shipped back using the same security measures that we use to retrieve your diamond.

How do I receive payment?
Either by check or direct deposit.

How long does it take to receive payment?
2 business days.

How To Sell my Diamond
Getting Started
What information do I need to get started?
The 4 Cs (carat, color, clarity, cut) of your largest diamond
If unsure, previously obtained paperwork (appraisal or outside certification) should have these details, which you can supply us with.

Do you have a carat weight requirement? Do you accept diamonds of all sizes?
We accept all solitary diamonds that weight 1 carat or more, with great color and clarity
Diamonds weighing below one carat must be reviewed to see if we have a network of interested buyers.

What kind of jewelry do you accept?
All types of jewelry with solitary, white, polished diamonds that meet our carat weight requirement
Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, broaches, loose diamonds.

Do you accept all gemstones?
No, we only work with white, polished diamonds
Exceptions can be made for fancy-colored diamonds.

Do you accept fancy-colored diamonds?
Yes, if it is GIA certified and a certificate is provided.

Do you buy gold?
We do not buy gold alone
We will only assist in selling precious metal if it comes with a diamond that we can help sell; such as a diamond that is set in a platinum, gold or silver ring.

Do you help sell outside of the United States?

How much is my ring worth?
We are able to give you a pre-laboratory estimate range of what your diamond’s value is if you can provide us with its 4Cs. We then provide you with the true, current value once we confirm its specifications and present it to the market.

Is my item being placed on consignment?
Unlike consignments, Diamond Lighthouse does not wait for an interested buyer to place an offer on your diamond. We immediately present your diamond to our network of buyers and they place offers on the spot if they are interested.

How long does it take to sell my diamond?
Within 24-hours of the arrival of your diamond jewelry at our secure facilities, it will be posted for bidding. Our experts immediately start a thorough evaluation, which takes around thirty minutes, so you should have more information about your diamond within one business day. You are in control of your sale and until you are completely satisfied, but we usually suggest giving two days to properly consider all offers, you have no obligation to sell.

“How To Sell My Diamond” by Diamond Lighthouse

Where are you located?
Heart of Diamond District in New York City at the World Diamond Tower
Diamond Lighthouse
15 West 47th Street, Suite 1006.
New York, NY 10036

62 west 47 Street Suite 305
New York NY 10036
United States

Can I visit your office?
Yes, if you don’t want to ship your diamond, you can request an in-person evaluation
Appointment only.

Safety & Security
How can I trust you?
Consignment Agreement
Insurance Proof
Client Reviews.

What happens if my diamond is lost?
Diamond Lighthouse is fully liable for your diamond and will be responsible for compensating its retail cost up to its replacement value.

Can my jewelry get damaged if the diamond is removed?
If your stone is set in a ring, necklace, bracelet, brooch or another piece of jewelry, our diamond experts may need to remove the stone before we can proceed with our analysis. Our professional jewelers are very practiced at this process and you will be covered under our insurance. A small percentage of diamonds cannot be removed without some damage to the setting. We will first ask your permission and in most cases can inform you of this possibility as soon as we see a photo of the item. We do not cover reasonable damage including but not limited to plier marks, scratches or nicks. These may be made by jewelers’ tools to the jewelry and/or diamond during the removal or resetting of the stone.

How safe is it to send my diamond in a FedEx box?
Our FedEx box is free of charge and fully insured
You can track it in your online account. RFID for additional tracking. Tamper-proof tape for additional security

How do I request a shipping package?
After sending in your diamond details and you receive your pre-lab estimate, talk to your representative and provide them with your full mailing address.
We do not accept P.O. Boxes

Can you return my diamond to another address?
However, we don’t recommend this, as we want to ensure that
your package is received by the rightful owner.

Do I have to ship my diamond to you?
Yes (or you can drop it off in person) We need to confirm its specifications during evaluation in order to present them to our network of buyers.

Can you get me offers without me sending you my diamond?
An exception is made for GIA certified stones if a certificate is provided to us. However, only a single-blind offer is made and will not be showcased to our network to fetch additional offers, which means your offer will be on the low end of the estimate range, possibly below. We will still need to receive the diamond and complete an evaluation before we process payment.