Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Diamonds


Do you love your great aunt so much…that you want to wear her on your finger?  No?  Read on, anyway.

Diamonds often are associated with a specific individual in our lives, but did you know that you can have a diamond that is literally made out of a certain person?  It may sound somewhat strange at first (or just flat out creepy), but the concept can actually be quite beautiful for some.  There are a handful of companies that have made it their goal to provide people with synthetic diamonds that are constructed out of, partially at least, the remains or genetic material of a human.  …Talk about a conversation starter.


The science behind it is fairly straight forward.  Since diamonds are made out of carbon that has been super pressurized, and people are made out 18% carbon, this element can be extracted from human (cremated) remains and compressed into a diamond.  Roughly one pound of ashes can produce a diamond.  Violá.  Of course, this explanation is oversimplified, but the final product is the same as any synthetic (that is to say “man made”) diamond.  If the loved one you want to commemorate through this method is still living, you can achieve the same result by using their hair.  This is especially good news for stalkers, who can have a beautiful blue diamond ring made from hair clippings they picked up off a salon floor.

The popularity of this product has increased in recent years, with companies across the globe participating.  The Swiss based Algordanza, U.K.’s Heart in Diamond and the American Life Gem to name a few.  All of these businesses appear to offer this service in a compassionate and sensitive manner – unlike that one place, “Bob’s Discount Dead Rings n’ Things.”

The prices of the diamonds offered at all these companies are substantially higher than regular synthetic diamonds of the same specifications, obviously due to the intrinsic sentimental value of each piece.  Plus the fact that they have to give the jewelers higher wages commensurate with “potential haunting” pay.


Regardless of your stance on this ostensibly sensitive topic, one fact remains: innovation in the world of diamonds is not slowing down any time soon.  Just look at us at Diamond Lighthouse; we found a way to turn old diamonds into tons of CASH.

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-Joe Leone 


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