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Diamond Lighthouse is an exciting sister company of Diamond Dynamics, a diamond dealing business with thirty years of diamond buying and selling experience.  When it comes to selling diamonds online, there is no rival.  We help the diamond owning public sell their diamond jewelry online in a revolutionary new way.  Far preferable to selling your diamonds at a pawn shop (where you will get a fraction of its true worth), or placing your diamond jewelry into engagement ring or wedding ring consignment (where you will receive similarly low offers, or none at all), when you decide to sell your unwanted diamonds with Diamond Lighthouse, we make sure you get the highest possible price for it.  Why?  Because we don’t buy diamonds, we help you sell them.  We take a commission from the sale (10% on diamonds 1 carat and higher), so it’s in our best interest to ensure that when you sell diamond jewelry online with us, you get the most money possible.  It’s a win-win.

Our Story

Here at Diamond Lighthouse, we are illuminating the diamond market for the everyday diamond owner. We want you to know the full resale value of your diamond and enable you to receive its maximum possible worth.

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With our years of experience and the knowledge of the market, we will be able to guide you through the unfamiliar, rough seas of diamond sales and locate the best price for your diamond.  When you sell diamonds online, or anywhere for that matter, you need to have your diamond evaluated by an expert.  At Diamond Lighthouse, we have GIA trained gemologists working in-house.


At Diamond Lighthouse, we see your diamond not for what it is, but for what it could be. We carefully examine every diamond at our laboratories in order to determine its maximum potential value. Most importantly, Diamond Lighthouse is not looking to buy your diamonds. We are looking to sell them for you. Other secondhand diamond buyers are looking to purchase your precious jewelry for the lowest price possible in order to maximize their profit. Diamond Lighthouse has different motives. Because we are selling your diamond and not buying it, our goal is to get you the best possible price.  When you sell your unwanted diamonds with us, you get the money, value and experience that you truly do want.

Diamond Lighthouse Brokers Diamonds

If you have a diamond engagement ring you no longer need, are seeking wedding ring consignment or in the event that you have old diamond rings (that aren’t associated with marriage) that you want to sell online, the best way to sell a diamond ring is through a trusted source.  You can see from our happy clients here, we are quite good at our jobs.  The best way to sell engagement rings (that feature diamonds), diamond wedding rings, and any other form of diamond ring under the sun, is to utilize the expert services of Diamond Lighthouse.  We will find you the highest diamond engagement ring resale value imaginable (or wedding or any other diamond ring type).


When you send your diamond to us for appraisal, we perform a full assessment and evaluation of your jewelry.  We then reach out to our established network of large jewelry vendors and find the best offer for your diamond—up to 60% of your diamond’s original (retail) value, and up to twice as much as if you were sell your diamond to a pawn shop. Due to our years of experience in the diamond market, we know the true value of a diamond—both economically and sentimentally—and we refuse to let you receive anything less than what you deserve.

If this isn’t all precisely clear, and you are still wondering “What is my diamond worth, and how do I actually get paid that amount?”, then this should clear things up:

If you purchased a diamond ring for $10,000 from a jeweler, the resale value of the diamond drops by about 50% the very moment you leave the store.  That is the reality of the diamond jewelry world (a lot of the factors that go into that diamond jewelry’s retail price are not directly visible: such as the cost of the jeweler’s rent, the shipping and insurance of the diamond, etc.)  If you walked directly over to a pawn shop, the owner there would typically offer you about $2,000 to $2,500 for the ring.  Why are you only getting roughly 20% of what you paid that same day??  As mentioned earlier, the pawn shop needs to resell that diamond to make any sort of profit on it.  The only place you can actually get the diamond’s highest potential resale value is through a professional diamond buyer.   Diamond Lighthouse has access to them; they do not like dealing directly with the public, for a variety of reasons.  For instance, most members of the public simply don’t understand that they will never recover the full retail price of their diamond jewelry.  Another reason is that many people believe they are in possession of highly valuable diamonds, when they indeed are not (some people are not even aware that they have a fake diamond).

Upon receiving your diamond, the expert gemologists here will perform a comprehensive evaluation and arrive at its current market value.  As an example, we can say the market value they determine is for your diamond is $6,000.  Once we show your diamond to the buyers, they place bids on it.  If the diamond receives several bids, they will all most likely be relatively close to the market price.  If a bid comes in for $5,500, the Diamond Lighthouse staff may urge you to accept it.  As with all offers, accepting or declining is completely in your control.  If you don’t like the offers you receive, you can request your diamond back and we ship it to you, free of charge.  But say you do choose to accept this bid, then here is what happens.  The diamond buyer purchases the diamond, for $500 less then he/she would’ve had to pay on the open market.  Hence, they are happy.  Diamond Lighthouse now takes our commission – which is 10% on all diamonds 1 carat and higher.  So Diamond Lighthouse receives $550 for brokering the sale of your diamond for you; therefore, we are happy.  Now to the most important person in the equation: you.  You promptly receive $4,950.  That’s way more than double what you would have received at any pawn shop in the country.  The end result: you are very happy.


Diamond Lighthouse is the best place to sell your diamond online.



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