At Diamond Lighthouse, we don’t allow inventory to sit — diamonds stay in our office on consignment for a few days, not weeks or months like conventional consignment shops. We work with diamond buyers who are looking for a specific type of stone and connect them with sellers like you who have those specific types of diamonds, and are ready to sell.

As the owner of the diamond, you have complete control throughout the consignment process. You maintain ownership of your diamond until the sale is complete. No decision is made without your permission. We work as a broker, for both the diamond buyer and seller, to be sure that both parties get the best deal possible. The only compensation we receive is a 10% commission (on diamonds 1 carat and higher) from the final sale, so we always strive to get you the most money for your diamond jewelry.

Our process is straightforward. Simply send your diamond to us in our secure, fully insured FedEx packaging or schedule an in-house appointment and bring your diamond ring to our offices. Once the ring has been examined by our GIA-certified gemologists, we reach out to our network to let them know your diamond ring is available. They then place competitive bids on your ring, which you are able to view online in a personal portal. You are in control of every step of this process, and ultimately are free to select the highest offer (or request to have your ring shipped back, free of charge). Once you accept an offer, we close the sale and send you the money, with an extremely quick turnaround. Learn more about diamond consignment on our website or call us at 212-776-0003.