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The best price offer you can get for your diamond will come from exclusive diamond buyers; yet they do not deal with the general public. On your own, you will only come in contact with pawn shops, jewelers and second rate diamond buyers online, all of whom are looking to give you the lowest price for your jewelry, as they need to resell it. At Diamond Lighthouse, we will connect your diamond to our network of exclusive diamond buyers in the closed diamond market, ensuring that you will receive the absolute highest, most competitive offer possible.

To clarify this, the reason that pawn shops and jewelers will not give you a good, or even competitive price, is that they need to re-sell the diamond in order to make a profit. They will offer you a price that typically is 75% to 80% lower than what you paid retail. They are not necessarily acting unscrupulously, as the general rule with diamond jewelry is that it loses around 50% of its resale value the minute you take it out of the store. They are trying to make a profit off of your diamond, and unfortunately, you lose out in the end.

Some jewelers will offer to take your diamond on consignment, where they will offer to share the profit from the sale. Here your diamond can sit on their shelf for weeks, months or years, and if a buyer eventually purchases your diamond, you are losing at least half of the sale. When attempting to find diamond buyers online, you can have just as disappointing (if not worse) results. If you put your diamond on an online bidding site open to the public, such as eBay, you can find even lower offers coming in, or none at all.

Other diamond buyers online you may encounter are simply diamond companies that are just looking to buy your diamond for the absolute lowest price possible, as they are either looking to resell it or are just stockpiling diamonds for later use.

The one and only way to sell your diamond jewelry and receive the most competitive offer possible, is to bring it to professional, exclusive diamond buyers and dealers. As previously mentioned, these elite buyers do not like to interact with the general public, as this would waste too much of their valuable time. These buyers seek diamonds from sources they can trust. That is precisely where Diamond Lighthouse comes in. With over 30 years in the industry, Diamond Lighthouse has the reputation and integrity that these exclusive buyers and dealers trust and count on. We are able to bring them quality gemstones, such as your diamond, on a consistent basis, thereby providing both them, the diamond buyer, and you, the seller, with the most competitive offer. Diamond Lighthouse is not buying your diamond, rather we take a commission of 10% from the final sale; hence we are looking to get you the best price possible for your diamond. This partnership ensures that we are all happy in the end. We provide safe, fully insured and free shipping of your diamond to our offices in Manhattan. Here our expert gemologists perform a complete evaluation of your diamond, that you can view online. The most important thing is that you are in control of your diamond’s sale at every step of the way. We present your diamond to our exclusive network of buyers and they will seek to outbid each other and give you the best, most competitive offer, which you can instantly see online. If you are not satisfied that you have received the absolute best price offer, we will ship your diamond back to you at no cost.


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Diamond Lighthouse accepts diamonds from 1 Carat Diamond and up.
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