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Sometimes we just need a change.

Many people find themselves in possession of diamond rings that they just don’t need or want any more…but something holds them back from completely getting rid of them.  Be they post-divorce engagement/weddings rings that are no longer appropriate to wear, or simply a gift from grandma that is a little hard to look at, there are some rings that just no longer make the cut.  Luckily there is an option: repurposing.  The concept behind repurposing a ring is remarkably simple, but quite useful.  Old rings are transformed into completely new ones by keeping one or more of the key components of a ring (either the stone, mounting, or overall design).  In doing this, one can retain a part of the jewelry that will forever remain dear to them, while augmenting the rest of it to fit their current mindset, attitude and tastes.

If a marriage ends, the rings typically come off the left hand.  But after this symbolically definitive action is taken, what then becomes of this once adored jewelry?  Some divorcées have not been feeling that much love-loss when it comes to ditching their old mountings and redesigning fresh rings with the original stones.  These new rings are then worn on the middle finger of the right hand, and affectionately named “F-You Rings”, according to San Francisco jewelry designer Margot Friend.  She states that she has seen a tremendous increase in women looking to repurpose their rings of betrothal into more cutting edge, bolder designs; the current, innovative rings make a clear statement about newfound independence and individuality.

Some people just don’t want their ring to look like anything associated with engagements, marriage, wedding bells or rice throwing.  One option is to jazz the center stone diamond up with some additional gems.  Encircling a diamond with rubies, sapphires or emeralds gives it a very extravagant and regal look.  Even much less expensive stones like garnet, amethyst and topaz can be quite beautiful and proficiently do the job.  Another cool repositioning of (smaller wedding band) diamonds is, for the animal lover, as the eyes of the wearer’s favorite creature.  As some people love their pets eternally (far more than their spouse), they can have their little friend live on in sparkling eternity on their finger.

Another option, for the fun-loving, sporty type, is the diamond embedded in a rubber ring.  This may sound tres odd, but it sends the message: “I may like elegance, but I’m also down to earth.”  One company that specializes in this is DuePunti, which professes that their rubber-diamond combo is “the ultimate take on high-low chic.”

Others have taken their retired rings and turned them into completely different pieces of jewelry.  Unworn engagement and wedding bands can easily be transformed into a pair of earrings, a necklace, a pendant, a hair clip, a brooch, cuff links or anything else you could possibly envision in the realm of jewelry.  Many jewelry designers across the country specialize in strategic custom design.  They help people to either conceive of creative new ways to wear their old jewels or they can execute their customers’ own specific ideas or jewelry concepts.

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Some people have gone an interesting route and turned their rings into wall art.  By placing one of their rings, either the engagement or wedding, into a glass box frame, they are then able to decorate the box with whatever accruements they desire (other jewelry, dried flowers, etc.) and have their own personal work of art.  With one ring proudly, ornamentally displayed, the other can then be sold for a profit.  For those looking to exhibit a ring, but in a much snarkier, sardonic way, there are miniature “ring coffins” available.  These are obviously great for those who have an ironic sense of humor about their marriage coming to a close.

photo via etsy
photo via etsy


Yet another option people have employed is the smelting one.  Here you simply have the band heated to its melting point and then you are free to use the metal for literally anything you want.  People have used these newly formed alloys in all sorts of things, such as picture frames, silverware, chess pieces, furniture, bicycles, and parts of boats and cars.  The mentality here is that you can still have a small, subtle reminder of the past, without the blatant iconography of a wedding ring staring you in the face.  The leftover diamonds can also then be turned into marvelous money.

Whatever you end up doing with your old rings, whether you repurpose them into totally new and fresh designs, or continue to proudly don them in their original form, they should never be left sitting at the bottom of a jewelry box.  Diamond Lighthouse can help you sell your old diamonds and turn a maximum profit.  Keep your old mounting and get a brand new gem to fill it.  Have your smaller, wedding band diamonds fashioned into a funky, dazzling headband.  …Or maybe just sport one of those middle finger rings.  The choice is completely yours.

The new you definitely deserves a new look.  Find out how.


-Joe Leone 


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