Celebrities Who Sold Their Diamonds


Newsflash!  Celebrity relationships don’t always work out.  When such a star crossed union of the stars dissolves, there are usually glamorous remnant gifts left behind, often including vast collections of priceless jewelry.  The recipients of these flashy spoils can either stow them away, or sell them on the open market.  Here we have an assortment of enterprising celebs who said farewell to their post relationship jewelry and hello to a cluster of cash.

Barkin up the Money Tree

Silver screen star Ellen Barkin recently divorced her extremely financially endowed husband Ron Perleman (not to be confused with “Sons of Anarchy” bad ass Ron Perlman).  Along with a hefty spiltsville settlement of 40 million bucks, Barkin swam out of “The Sea of Love” with another 20 mil in delicious jewelry dough.  Having made the sale of these gems at the divorcée auction venue of choice, Christie’s, Barkin made no qualms about letting the press know that she had no emotional attachment to the valuables; she was all too happy to trade them in for the cashola.  One of the stand out items of the sale was a 32 ct apricot diamond ring – now that’s a “Big Easy.”

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Don’t Be Fooled By the Rocks She Don’t Got

As millions of avaricious paparazzi cameras snapped away, Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer “J.Lo” Lopez in 2002 and gave her a 6 ct pink diamond engagement ring.  Six carats of fancy pink ran in the $1,200,000 range at that time.  Two rotations of the earth around the sun later, and the ubiquitous “Bennifer” was no more – yet the Harry Winson original ring lived on.  Always the shrewd business woman (have you smelled her fragrance “Glow?”), Ms. Lo decided to sell the ring and pocket the profits.  That’s just how they do on the block.


White Diamonds are For…Charity 

It’s no secret that Liz Taylor was as into jewelry as the actual Cleopatra was.  Her massive assortment of gold, gems and the like would ultimately garner over 150 million dollars.  The posthumously generous Taylor saw to it that the entire sale of this loot at Christie’s went to her charity to fight AIDS.  This didn’t include her most infamous piece, however, a monstrous 69 ct diamond, gifted to her by former husband and famed alcoholic Welsh actor Richard Burton.    The $1.1 million that this stone brought in went to the construction of an African hospital, after Liz and Dick split in 1978.  It should be noted that Ms. Taylor had a love of financial independence equal to that of her love of precious gemstones (have you smelled her fragrance “White Diamonds?”).


3.7ct Rock

1980’s icons Kim Bassinger and Alec Baldwin embarked on quite the fabled, if contentious, romance.  After almost a decade of wedded bliss and stress, the couple finally disbanded – and Kim took her engagement band (fitted with a 3.7 ct diamond) to Christie’s.  The ring fetched nearly 60k.  Also sold was a spectacular gem encrusted necklace, also given to her by the most successful member of the Baldwin family.  Bassinger donated the cash to an animal rescue charity.  Kind of ironic since Alec once publicly called their daughter a “pig.”


Four!  The Story of a Babe Getting Out of the Woods 

When Elin Nordegren’s philandering husband Tiger Woods publicly found himself ‘in the rough,’ there wasn’t much he could do other than cough up $100 million in a divorce settlement with the blonde model.  Much like an Ikea desk,  the Swedish Nordegren continued to put things together for herself, as she orchestrated a sale of all the sparkly presents the word renown golfer and sexter had given her.  Utilizing the high profile auction house Sotheby’s, Elin was able to recover another 2.5 mil for her jewelry collection.  Talk about a hole in one.


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-Joe Leone


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