Celebrities: Keeping Divorce Pleasant

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-GOSSIP-TODAYThe age of the bitter, drag you through the mud divorce is over.  At least it would appear that way in some celebrity circles.  Several of the more publicized divorces in recent years have been uncontested, or “amicable.”  Here’s a look at some of our most beloved couples, who didn’t force us to choose sides.

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, one of the most stable seeming spotlight sharing couples, broke their union with grace.  They even went on a post-divorce vacation together, after presenting the public with the perfect neologism to describe their state of “conscious uncoupling.”

The dissolution of the super adorable couple of actor Orlando Bloom and supermodel Miranda Kerr left many fans stunned, but the manner in which they split was surprisingly pleasant.  Each still has many good things to publicly say about the other, as they share custody of their one little tot, Flynn.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis may have parted ways a while ago, but they still remain good friends.  They successfully have raised lovely children together, and there wasn’t even strife when lanky goofball Ashton Kutcher became part of their collective life.  Thankfully, that chapter in the Moore-Willis story is over.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette were favorite tabloid fodder to many as their marriage dissolved, but the truth is that they went about it in a mutually respectful way.  They eternally gorgeous Cox and the scampish Arquette still remain …um, “Friends.”

Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have been through a LOT together.  The couple met on the set of “Dexter,” where they played step-siblings for eight seasons.  They married and spent a few years together before calling it quits, in a peaceful manner.  Jennifer would stand by Michael as a close friend as he battled and beat cancer, and even after her character “Deborah” would realize she had romantic feelings for her big bro.  Quite a sticky situation, but one they both handled with aplomb.

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-debra-dexterCuties Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe untied the knot with hardly a hiccup.  They have apparently remained chums for the “sake of the children.”

One celebrity couple took things to the next level in terms of merging real life post-divorce pleasantness with the creative outlet of fiction.  High school sweethearts Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson (who created “The Nanny” together) not only stayed friends after they divorced, but they conceived a new show together called “Happily Divorced.”

Even the not so glamorous have been reported to have filed for divorce in uncontested form.  Former New York Governor David Patterson and ex-wife Michelle split without either employing an attorney.  While their 20 year marriage may have been troublesome and embittered (both admitted to cheating), their divorce was relatively easy and smooth.

A minority of celebrity couples have taken things to a  whole other extreme in the realm of peaceful separation.  Jack White (of The White Stripes) and his ex-wife Karen Elson threw a massive, star-studded “divorce party.” The soiree occurred on the day of their six year wedding anniversary, in an effort to celebrate the great romantic years they shared and the friendship they hope to cultivate in the future.


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