Diamond Celebrity Personalities

Every diamond is unique, just like people (or as they like to think).  As there are certain diamond types and classifications, there are obviously distinct types of people too.  In an effort to educate what diamond styles, shapes and grades represent, we have compiled a collection of diamond varieties and their corresponding humans.

Any Diamond with an Excessively Large Carat Weight…and many Inclusions (internal flaws)

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-famous-stones = Kim Kardashian


This diamond type is exactly what it sounds like: all show with little substance.  Also fits into the “Good from a far, far from a good” philosophy.  A large carat diamond will wow people (especially those with under-developed tastes) at first, but a closer inspection reveals cracks beneath the surface and an overall dullness.


Small Princess Diamond with Crowning Brilliance

princess-cut-diamond-rings-for-women-vm4ha9cc= Emma Watson


This minuscule diamond sparkles with the intensity of a thousand suns.  Quite eye catching and precious, it can not be underestimated due to its small stature.  The regal nature of this diamond makes it unique…and somehow British.


Marquise Diamond with a Stellar Cut

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-famous-stones-marquise = Michael Strahan


Here we have the “football” shaped diamond, which is exquisitely constructed.  Perfect symmetry makes it shine bright; the high caliber of its cut dazzles all around.  Goes well with smaller, spunkier diamonds too.


Cushion Shaped with a Shallow Cut


= Miley Cyrus


This rounded-corner diamond is anything but sharp.  It’s shallow essence is what really diminishes its appeal.  As the name “cushion” implies, this stone is basically asking to be sat on.  It simply just doesn’t work (*twerk) for a lot of people.


Emerald with very low Color

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-famous-stones-lindsay lohan diamond = Lindsay Lohan


This diamond is an open book, and unfortunately, all its flaws are readily exposed.  It has a large table (top) which easily lets light through, highlighting its brassy, yellow tones, which significantly decreases its value.  Sometimes the only way to improve it would be to subject it to irradiation (…rehab) to attempt to alter its internal color.


Asscher Shape with average qualities

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-famous-stones-asscher-cut  = The Jonas Brothers


Not exceptional in any way, the most exciting thing about these “square” diamonds…is that they have rectangular facets.  Once quite popular, they have seen a drastic decline in demand over the last few years.


Heart Shaped with ideal clarity, color and cut

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-famous-stones-heart-shape= Beyoncé


Everyone loves this sweetheart of a diamond; it represents love, perfection and, let’s face it, looking fly.  Very important for this diamond to be in a nice mounting (commonly referred to as “setting”) to really show it off.  Like Vegas or the Grammy’s.

We at Diamond Lighthouse hope that this sheds some light on to the often perplexing world of diamond personalities.  Learn more about the many diverse diamond characteristics here.  Perchance, you have a diamond whose aspects you are finding quite trite these days.  Let us help you sell it and get it out of your life for once and all, so you’ll be free to adorn yourself with only the most sparkling of luminaries.  Let’s get started now.


-Joe Leone


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