What Is Sustainable Jewelry?


In recent times, some of the most popularly proffered buzz words relate to the environment.  “Going green,” “eco-friendly,” and “ethically derived” are just a few of the oft uttered (and marketed) phrases that are essentially straight forward and universally understood in their meanings.  But what exactly is “sustainable jewelry,” and why is it something to … Continue reading What Is Sustainable Jewelry?

How to Make Realistic Personal Finance Goals


According to Kiplinger, every person needs a steady income, financial reserves, and insurance against catastrophes, whether that’s formal insurance or a large savings or investment account. Whether you already have those things and you want to work toward a more rewarding financial future, or you’re nervous that you don’t have one or all of those things, … Continue reading How to Make Realistic Personal Finance Goals

Comely Jewelry Terms


(starting with “C”) Here it is: Part III of our super informative and fun collection of fancy jewelry phrases. Cabochon – (sounds like “Cabbage Shawn”) – stemming from the French word for “knob,” what this connotes is a gem that is ‘domed’ (not “doomed”), meaning the top is rounded and silky smooth.  Like a wondrously … Continue reading Comely Jewelry Terms

Costume Jewelry…Valuable?


Most people are aware if they possess a valuable piece of jewelry (it’s a pretty safe assumption your diamond engagement ring is real…right?)  By the same token, many of the masses just figure that whatever costume jewelry they have in their jewelry box is relatively worthless.  In the majority of cases, this would be correct.  … Continue reading Costume Jewelry…Valuable?

Dealing With Money after Divorce


People can sometimes get nasty during divorce, and you might see sides of your former partner’s personality that you never thought you’d have to deal with. A lot of that nastiness arises during discussions of money and the valuables you once owned together, things people sometimes feel possessive about during the divorce negotiations. If you’re going … Continue reading Dealing With Money after Divorce