The Ups and Downs of Doing a Balance Transfer


So you’ve gotten yourself into some credit card debt and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about how to get out of it. It seems like every time you look at your balance, it’s gone up way more than you expected because of those pesky interest charges, and you’re beginning to wonder whether you’ll ever be … Continue reading The Ups and Downs of Doing a Balance Transfer

Top Up & Coming Jewelry Designers


We recently took a look at the world’s highest rated designers/design conglomerates, and their heart-stopping pieces.  This week, we turn focus to some of the most promising and stylishly precocious young designers in the land.  Here are ten of the most gifted and inspiring originators currently rocking the American jewelry scene. Sophie Monet – This designer … Continue reading Top Up & Coming Jewelry Designers

The World’s Best Jewelry Designers


At times, jewelry can transcend mere fashion and reach the status of high art.  The following international designers consistently deliver their wares with such unpredictable ingenuity and stylistic acumen that they leave critics and consumers equally speechless.  Behold, the top ten highest rated jeweler designers currently dazzling the world stage. Costis The Costis brand was … Continue reading The World’s Best Jewelry Designers

Delightful Jewelry Terms


Terms starting with “D” Daguerreotype – combining science, fashion and technology, the daguerreotype is second only to the diamond encrusted Apple Watch in  the coolest inventions in the world of jewelry history category.  Developed in 1839 by French photographer/innovator/dawg, Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, it’s a sort of photograph that would appear on a copper plate, after it … Continue reading Delightful Jewelry Terms

Manage Your Money From Your Phone


Great Money-Managing Apps If money worries are keeping you up at night, or if the mounds of bills and receipts or even URLs, log-ins, and passwords you try to keep organized are driving you bonkers, you may need to turn to your phone for help. Apple’s trademarked advertising slogan, “There’s an app for that,” has … Continue reading Manage Your Money From Your Phone