10 More Diamond Ditties


They just can’t stop turning them out, can they?  Musical artists never seem to get tired of writing songs that are about, feature or memorably mention diamonds.  Not sure what it is about these reflective stones that is so aurally pleasing or visually inspirational to these singer-songwriters (perhaps because diamonds look like disco balls, and … Continue reading 10 More Diamond Ditties

Royal Wedding Dresses and How they Changed the World


The wedding dress may be the most photographed dress a woman wears in her life, but a look at dresses over the decades show that the classically white gown has changed vastly. The role of the British Royal family in these trends cannot be overstated, as many highly attended and closely watched Royal Weddings received … Continue reading Royal Wedding Dresses and How they Changed the World

A Dozen Famous Men Who Wear Diamonds


The times, they are a’changin’ – at least in the world of men’s fashion.  Long gone are the days of men being negatively scrutinized for wearing jewelry; diamond jewelry, specifically.  How have we become privy to this groundbreaking information?  Why, by looking to the famous, naturally!  Here is a compilation of just some of the … Continue reading A Dozen Famous Men Who Wear Diamonds

Celebrities Who Pay Child Support (And Some Who Don’t)


  So many people are delinquent in paying child support, there is a whole federal bureau designated to its enforcement. The Office of Child Support Enforcement tries its best to help people who can’t afford child support and people who can’t afford to be gypped child support, but they’re merely putting a dent in the over … Continue reading Celebrities Who Pay Child Support (And Some Who Don’t)

5 Songs About Divorce


Music is what feelings sound like, and for some, those feelings revolve around divorce. Below are a few songs–some surprising, and some not so surprising–that epitomize the famous Hans Christian Andersen quote, “When words fail, music speaks.” “D-I-V-O-R-C-E,” by Tammy Wynett Perhaps the most obvious songs about divorce is “D-I-V-O-R-C-E,” the 1968 single by Tammy … Continue reading 5 Songs About Divorce