The Most Expensive Divorces in Recorded History – Part 1


Divorces cost a pretty penny, no matter what your station is in life.  When your net worth totals in the 10 figure+ range, you can expect to pay the GNP of a small developing nation for your uncoupling.  Scraped from the headlines of reputable news sources and rags alike, here are the most costly divorces … Continue reading The Most Expensive Divorces in Recorded History – Part 1

Debunking Diamond Evaluation Misconceptions


Previously, we’ve discussed the differences between an actual diamond evaluation and an insurance appraisal, so hopefully that information has sunk in nice and deep.  Unfortunately, there still persists a litany of misinformation out there regarding what goes into diamond specification determination and what constitutes a legitimate evaluation.  Here we hold a microscope up to the … Continue reading Debunking Diamond Evaluation Misconceptions

Solving the Credit Card Debt Enigma


Everyone hears about how ‘Americans are in debt,’ but what does that specifically mean?  Where are these debts stemming from, and most importantly, how do we combat them? There are 4 major categories that dominate the debt umbrella.  These are credit card, student loan, auto loan and medical expenses.  Most Americans dealing with significant debt … Continue reading Solving the Credit Card Debt Enigma

Nice Day for a Weird Wedding


INTERNATIONAL WEDDING CUSTOMS  An adorable little girl trots down the aisle, gleefully tossing flower petals as she goes.  The blushing bride then glides down this passageway, adorned in a gorgeous, flowing white dress.  She meets her beau, who dons a sleek black tuxedo.  Next, a small boy proudly scampers down the path as well, holding … Continue reading Nice Day for a Weird Wedding

Are Millennials Killing the Wedding Industry?


Well, not quite yet, it would appear – but many wedding service professionals are biting their nails nonetheless. ‘What’s so bad about Millennials?’ you may ask (not taking into consideration their unruly facial hair and/or knitted beanie hats).  Aside from their love of all things tech and their rejection of some traditional customs, Millennials (individuals … Continue reading Are Millennials Killing the Wedding Industry?