Hang Loose – The Best Way to Upgrade Your Diamond


Whether it’s for a loved one or the one you love the most, yourself, it’s time for a new diamond ring.  The natural temptation is to swagger into a large department store that’s offering a massive sale, dump your old ring on the counter for a quick exchange, and then stroll off into the sunset … Continue reading Hang Loose – The Best Way to Upgrade Your Diamond

When Is It OK To Sell Jewelry Given To You As A Present?


  So you had a big day.  Either it was your birthday, your wedding, your graduation, your anniversary or you just got lucky and somebody decided you deserved a fancy piece of jewelry.  Lucky you!  However, as nice and sparkling as it may be, you ultimately don’t need it or just don’t want it.  Maybe … Continue reading When Is It OK To Sell Jewelry Given To You As A Present?

Cursed Diamonds


There is a theory/myth that an engagement ring that is given back to the bestower is forever cursed.  Many wonder if there is any validity to this concept.  There are, however, some historically infamous diamonds that have been proven as damned.  The following precious yet pernicious stones have definitively wreaked havoc and devastation on seemingly … Continue reading Cursed Diamonds

Social Media Ruined My Marriage!


It’s pretty obvious that excessive social media usage (read: Facebooking) is not the healthiest thing for a marriage.  Now there’s empirical evidence to back it up.  A two year study spanning 2011-2012 executed by researchers at Boston University found that “a 20 percent annual increase in Facebook enrollment was associated with anywhere from a 2.18 … Continue reading Social Media Ruined My Marriage!