“Why should I sell my diamond with Diamond Lighthouse”

We give you access to diamond buyers willing to pay PREMIUM PRICES for your diamond

You’re in CONTROL – buyers bid on your diamonds, you can accept or reject offers online

The process costs you nothing- FREE SHIPPING and FREE EVALUATION by our GIA trained staff

How our commission works

Diamond Lighthouse takes a 10 % commission fee on diamonds over 1 carat. Diamonds Under 1 carat will be subject to 20% commission … Learn More


From the moment your diamond leaves your hands, it is 100% safe and insured.  At our secure  facilities, your diamond’s package is opened on camera and recorded on video, which you can view at any time… Learn More


Our client reviews

We know we help our clients get the most money for their diamond, but don’t just take our word for it.

Diamonds we’ve helped our clients sell

  • re-1 $2,325 1.27 ct
  • re-1 $4,700 1.05 ct
  • re-1 $13,300 4.37 ct
  • re-1 $87,500 4 ct (each)
  • re-1 $42,182
  • re-1 $19,500