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Setting Rings in Motion

Riveting Ring Setting Types


When choosing a ring, a ton of thought goes into the precious gemstone(s) that will be featured.  Lest you forget, the mounting plays a huge role in the overall aesthetics of the ring as well.  Commonly (and, technically, inaccurately) referred to as the “setting” (‘setting’ is the act of placing a stone into a “mounting,” the physical object), the choice and formation of the metal utilized here is just as important as the way the mounting looks.  Here are the most popular setting options available, as well as some of the lesser seen varieties.  A close inspection of each band/mounting type will help to give you a better idea as to what setting is right for your particular ring finger, your loved one’s…or your cat’s paw.

If loving you is prong, I don’t want to be right


Prong Setting

Ah, the perennially prominent prongs.  A prong setting is the most ubiquitous in the world of diamond rings, especially engagement rings.  Prongs are small metal hooks that hold the stone (hopefully) securely in its spot.  Most rings will feature four of the talon-like pieces to keep their gem held tight (just like a raven’s foot), but some have six, or even more.  The reason why everybody loves prongs so much is because with this brand of setting more of the stone is visible.  The more visible the stone, the greater the opportunity for light to hit it at various angles.  The more light, the more bright (or “brighter” …for those of you who prefer correct grammar).  The only major downfall of a prong setting is that the metal hooks can get caught on clothing items, other pieces of jewelry and in rare cases, the mouth of fish.  If the precious metal of the ring is soft, like gold or platinum, the prong can easily bend – if it’s titanium, like Sia sings, it probably isn’t going anywhere.

Bez Friends


Bezel Setting

The second most celebrated setting is the bezel.  This is probably the most secure variety out there, so it’s good for the ring-wearer-on-the-go (not exactly sure where they are going, but you get the idea).  One cool thing about the bezel setting is that in order for the center stone to be properly locked into place, the mounting must be custom made.  This gives each ring a certain uniqueness to it.  For a little “peek-a-boo” light action, there is the partial bezel.  This sub-style leaves the sides of the stone open for some serious ray penetration and subsequent brilliance enhancing.

Why so tense?


Tension Setting

A tension set stone looks as if it’s being magically held in place, therefore a great pick for mystical men and whimsical women.  The way a tension setting is structured is a highly scientific process, using sophisticated calibration techniques; the jeweler doesn’t just ram the diamond into the metal and then have a cigarette.  The gemstone dimensions are precisely measured and the metal then has minuscule divots cut into the main open areas.  The stone is delicately placed in the opening and then violà, held in place due to the pressure the band is exerting on it.  The end result is that the gem is suspended there, for all of eternity.   Since this process is so complicated, tension setting can be expensive.  However, if you want the ‘look for less,’ you can opt for a “tension-style” setting.  This basically is a subtle bezel setting that has still has the band converging in the middle, giving off the impression that it’s actually tension set, and that you are an authentic baller.

Don’t change the channel 


Channel Setting

Do not go into a jeweler’s shop asking for a “Chanel” ring, unless you are prepared to part with a hefty sum.  A channel setting is used for stones of a more diminutive nature, that are set in a nice little row (like, for instance, adorable ducklings sitting on a log).  These are often used in wedding bands (as there is typically no large, center stone), and have seen a recent rise in popularity, as designers are mixing gems of different or alternating colors in the band.

Raising the Bar


Bar Setting

This setting version is essentially the same as the channel, only instead of fully encapsulating the diamonds from all sides, the bar type band leaves the sides of each stone exposed.  Again, this is ostensibly so more rays of light can bombard the stones and refract out in a dynamic rainbow of organic opulence (aka: sparkle).  A great setting if the actual setting you met your betrothed at was a bar – or if they just spend all day there now.

The road to ____ is pavéd with good intentions 



Pavé Setting

The pavé setting is similar to the channel setting, except the diamonds/stones typically are even smaller and do not look as if they are as deeply set into the band.  A series of little dazzlers encircle the whole ring, so an overall effect of ne’er-ending sparkle is achieved.  Using a very precise drill, the jeweler makes infinitesimally small holes throughout the band and then sticks the baby diamonds in there.  This style can look elegant on the right person, but may come across as over the top on someone with more understated tastes (for a more subtle pavé style, there is the eternity band, which is completely inlaid with diamonds, but doesn’t have a center stone).  One of the biggest gripes people have about pavé set rings is that once those buggers are in place, it becomes nearly impossible to re-size the ring.  Bottom line if you want a pavé ring: get the size correct off the bat / don’t ever gain or lose weight.

Oh, halo there 


Halo Setting

Hark!  The heavenly halo setting sings!  This is definitely a miracle performing mounting, as the halo setting makes the center stone look significantly larger.  If you really want to make that puppy pop, you can have a double halo, and get even more bang for your buck  The angelic halo, which can be round or square, encircles the radius of the diamond with other, smaller diamonds.  It’s basically like having a full pavé setting around your center stone, and a virtual angel watching over your diamond’s every move.

The Flushing Bride


Flush Setting

To qualify as a flush, the band of the ring needs to have a hole drilled into it so the center stone can literally rest flush in the shank (band).  The end result looks like a tension set band and a bezel had a sturdy looking baby, and this is it.  This is one of the more secure setting breeds; a veritable Fort Knox of mountings.  It’s a somewhat masculine look, hence it often shows up in men’s bands.  Men who love fancy, glittery things, that is.

Cluster Bucks 


Cluster Setting

Here’s the deal with cluster settings; they’re yet another beautiful deception in the duplicitous and riveting ring milieu.  A group of smallish stones are lumped all together, to either create the appearance of a more massive, cumulative stone, or to aid the overall gemstone mass of ring that contains a center stone.  Cluster settings are basically the reason why one must always ask for a distinction in “carat weight” versus “total carat weight.”  A cluster of ten delicate diamonds which weigh 3 carats total, will typically not be worth nearly as much a single stone weighing 2 carats.

Take Me to Cathedral


Cathedral Setting

This is as delicate and pulchritudinous a ring mounting as they come.  Lifting the stone to blessed heights, the cathedral setting emulates the grand spanning arches of an actual basilica.  The gem is literally raised off the finger, usually with fetching, stretching prongs, but can also be tension or bezel set (it’s simply the comely church-like aesthetic that defines this setting).  Just watch yourself; the added height makes this potentially arrogant ring ripe for breaking, as envious worldly elements seek to rend it back to earth – or worse, farther down below… like Australia. 

Use Your Illusion 


Illusion Setting

Known in the jewelry world as the “illusion setting” (as in “It’s not a trick…it’s an illusion”), here we have a small diamond or other gemstone featured in a band that has an elaborate metal framework surrounding it.  Usually, the diamond would be at the center of a flower shape, with petals jutting out on the sides.  These guys were popular during the Retro period, and would routinely showcase hearts, additional floral pattens, intaglios, itty bitty side stones, and in very rare cases, hashtags.  If it hasn’t been made clear yet, the “illusion” referenced here is that while the diamond/ring in reality may be of a meager nature, it appears to be quite sizable and expensive (apologies to any prideful magicians out there).

Vintage of Innocence 


Vintage Setting

We saved one of the best for last, the vivacious vintage setting.  These preterite pieces may incorporate a variety of the previously listed mountings, or elements intrinsic to them.  However, a primary distinguishing characteristic in most vintage settings is the use of intricate metalwork.  The term for this is filigreed, yet most people from yesteryear were certainly not ‘greedy’ in their displaying of gems and metals with a fervent flourish.  Filigreed is comprised of a nexus of metal threads, woven together to form a delicate pattern.  It can incorporate tiny beads, balls and baby baubles.  These are great rings for those who not only appreciate the past, but revel in it.


-Joe Leone 

Ways to Get Out of Debt

“We got so far out of debt, we got lost!”

Having a credit card or taking a loan is a commitment that requires a lot of self-control. It is easy to spend borrowed money. It is easy to pay only the minimum payment due. It’s easy to say “yes” to something you don’t have to worry about until the future. But when the future arrives and you’re still in the hole, what can you do?

Getting out of debt requires a coherent and realistic plan that might start with a little prioritizing. Credit.com recommends making a detailed list of all of your debts, a list that includes the total balance, interest rates, the minimum monthly payment, and the three- or five-year pay-off amount that is likely available on your statement. That way, you can compare each debt and evaluate which one is the most pressing based on the interest rate or amount owed.

Consumer expert and blogger Clark Howard advises that in addition to organizing the debt you owe, you should commit to not accruing new debt if possible. Focus on the debt you currently owe rather than looking for opportunities to get new things that you will have to finance. When you organize your debt, list the smallest first and the largest last. Once you tackle the first, you will gain confidence that you can also tackle what remains, and you will see a clearer picture of when you can be debt-free.

“If we jump high enough, debt can’t reach us!”

One way to avoid having to open new credit lines is to commit to spending cash instead of thinking of your money in terms of credit. Time magazine’s Family Finance writer Kara Brandeisky explains that people who pay in cash are more likely to “feel the pain associated with spending real money,” citing a study that showed consumers are less likely to make luxury impulse buys with credit cards.

Another key part of making a financial plan is to be sure to pay more than the minimum balance each time. Paying the minimum only requires you pay a very small portion of your debt—and then leaves the rest of it in your account to accrue interest. One way to avoid paying a lot of interest is to utilize available balance transfers—most of which offer a promotional period with low or zero percent interest.

“I got a retweet!”

Make a plan with deadlines and set amounts that you are to pay off, and be willing to adjust that plan when necessary. Track your behavior using a chart or taking notes about whether you really did what you said you were going to do, and be honest with yourself. You may want to create a plan, then schedule time to reassess it every month in the beginning, slowing down to every quarter as you progress. That way, you’ll be sure you’re on the right track and you’ll have the added reward of seeing your debt totals go down.

Clark Howard also advised debtors to use any “excess” cash against their debt. Excess or unexpected cash may come from a higher tax return than expected, a rebate, sales of items on eBay, or even selling your diamonds with us. If you have that cash, prevent the debt you already owe from adding up by putting it toward it. You’ll never miss it!

“Yes!! …Also, I’m excited for pumpkin spice lattes.”

Liberating yourself from debt is an achievable goal if you are willing to change the way you think about money and the way you live your life. If you make a pact with yourself that you are going to pay off your debt, then uphold that pact, you can knock the debt train right off the tracks and get things moving in a more positive direction. Eighteen percent of people surveyed by CreditCards.com said they expect to never pay off their debts. But that pessimistic attitude doesn’t have to be yours if you plan properly and act according to plan. So chop up that plastic and get out of the black!

“Debt doesn’t bother me…because I’m really a super hero.”

Are you spending too much money on everyday things?

Valuable Tips for Cost-Cutting


If saving money wasn’t such a challenge, everyone would do it – but why pay $10 for something you can get for $5? There are many easy ways to save money throughout the day if you are willing to commit to them. Below are a few things you may accidentally be overlooking when you think about trimming costs from your daily or monthly budget.

Coffee & Cigarettes


Daily habits like coffee and cigarettes add up quickly, but they don’t have to. If you are like the average American worker, you could probably save about $15 every week, or over $1,000 per year, on the coffee purchased in chains and shops.  Make it at home; make a profit. If worries about your health haven’t made you stop smoking, the maybe worries about your wallet will. Pack-a-day smokers could save an average of $2,000 per year on cigarettes, and that’s money they could be putting away for travel or retirement. Cut back on coffee shop coffee consumption and quit smoking, and that’s $120,000 you’ve saved in 40 years.



If you work away from home, there is a good chance you buy café or restaurant lunch several days per week. Studies show the average American eats lunch out at least twice per week, and men spend on average $21 per lunch, while women spend $14. If you don’t want to lose your precious time out of the office, try choosing a less expensive restaurant, finding places with coupons, or nixing a side item, a drink, or both.

Buy Generic


While generic products are not always a way to get more bang for your buck, some items, like cereal, may be better or just as good at a significantly lower price. DailyFinance.com advises buying store brand spices and seasonings in addition to cereal to shave off costs for food. Medications may be another avenue for saving money, but certain items like toilet paper and trash bags are not necessarily cost effective because their low quality will make you use them faster, therefore making you spend more to replace them.

Energy Habits in the Home


While a long, luxurious shower may be your favorite way to start the day, you may be able to save quite a bit on energy costs if you cut your shower time shorter. Save the luxury shower for the beginning of a relaxing Saturday and expedite the process on the weekdays. Many high costs come from the air moving around in your house as well, so encourage your family or roommates to close the blinds in the daytime to keep the rooms from being heated up by the sun.

Entertainment & Travel


Reconsidering how much you can spend on entertainment may be a great way to trim your budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely deprive yourself. If you love going to the movies, see a cheaper matinee, then spend the rest of your evening reading a book from the library instead of the bookstore. While your car isn’t entertainment, it does get you to and from the places you like to be entertained, so make sure you change the oil regularly and keep the tire pressure at appropriate levels.  These simple acts can keep you safer and help you save what could be hundreds of dollars per year in fuel costs. Another idea to keep yourself entertained is to try out free community events at various parks or the library.

Whatever your money-saving goals are, they require thought and dedication. Saving money feels good and helps you reach your financial goals for the future, and makes occasional splurges even more rewarding.


If you find that (despite your best efforts) you simply can’t save any money up, and you really would like to have some extra funds, consider selling any diamond jewelry you may have with Diamond Lighthouse.  We will get you the best price for your diamonds, every time, with our entirely unique, fair and transparent online auction platform.  Find out more!


Best Places to Propose: Focus on Prague


So we’ve (virtually) ventured to Paris and Venice in our quest to find the perfect locale to pop the question, but our next whimsical destination may arguably be the most picturesque and swoon-inducing yet.  Yes, pulchritudinous Prague, the Czech Republic’s crowning achievement in gorgeous Gothic architecture and Roman Era throwback romance.  So grab your passport and your best gal as we czech out one of Europe’s coolest and most heart thumping cities!

The Astronomical Clock (the Prague Orloj)  


If you want to send your sweetie the message that your love transcends all space and time, then you must propose to her under the auspices of the awe-inspiring Astronomical Clock.  The world’s oldest running timepiece of its kind, this old clock was first installed in the Old Town City Hall, in the famous Old Town Square in 1410 – bottom line: it’s old.  It records the actual time of day as well as the moon cycle and possibly all the time that humanity has left on the planet.  Regardless, it’s ornate, epic and unforgettable; the perfect place for the woman who really enjoys memorable metaphors.  As well as, of course, reading her ever-accurate horoscope.

Prague Castle


The Prague Castle is the most massive (still standing) ancient castle on earth.  Old, intricately designed and ginormous: kind of a theme in this town.  Just to name a few of the numerous structures therein, The Castle is comprised of the beautifully intimidating Saint Vitus Cathedral (Basilica), the breathtaking Basilica of St. George, the chaste

St. Vitus Cathedral at twilight

Church of the Virgin Mary, the delightfully cavernous Vladislav Hall, a secret chamber where the Czech Crown Jewels are stowed away, the rolling St. Wenceslas’ Vineyard just off to the east, and, oh yeah, the official residence of the Czech President.  Bring your hopeful bride-to-be to this historically rich and splendidly sprawling Castle and its grounds only if you both are sturdy enough to hike through the inordinately expansive terrain.  You don’t want to get down on one knee just because you’re out of breath.

Charles Bridge / Vltava River 


Practically every super romantic city has at least one major river winding through it, with an iconic bridge arching overhead.  The Charles Bridge, named after its benefactor King Charles IV, provides some of the most astonishing views the city has to offer.  Construction on the bridge began in the 1350’s, and it wasn’t completed until around 1400 (and you thought that K-mart being built  in your town was taking forever).  This “most” (Czech for ‘bridge’) was built to replace the Judith Bridge, which crumbled after a devastating flood, and was possibly named after Judith Light.  Anyway, if you time it just right and bring your shnookie there at dusk, the bridge is lit simultaneously from underneath, from strategically placed lampposts above and, inadvertently, from the overlooking buildings of the cityscape.  Thus, drenching you and your full-time lover in an ethereal, otherworldly glow that is more romantic than Cupid riding a pink diamond covered unicorn that secretes Rosé champagne.  If that scene alone doesn’t completely knock her socks off, remind her that the Vltava river runs all along the Bohemian Forrest, a mystical place of magic and wonder.  Sigh.

The Dancing House (Nationale-Nederlanden) 


Does your woman really stand out from the crowd?  Like, really stand out?  Then perhaps a proposal trip to the deconstructivist Dancing House (aka the “Fred and Ginger” house – get it?) is in store.  This structure stands in stark contrast to the preterite surrounding architectural motifs that Prague is typically associated with (Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau), and had numerous Prague-ites up in arms when it was built in 1996.  It’s uber modern, funky lines and ‘almost falling over’ slants make it seem like something out of Tim Burton’s wonderfully warped mind.  It was actually a joint venture between two innovative architects: the Croatian-Czech Vlado Milunić and the Canadian-American Frank Gehry.  If you’re getting your future ‘Mrs.’ an alternative engagement ring, this could be the ideal place to present it to her.

Wenceslas Square


If the Old Town Square (where the Astronomical Clock is featured) is just a tad too mainstream for you and your cutie-patootie, a nice stroll to the Wenceslas Square may be in order.  Equally rich in history, Wenceslas is more oblong-shaped than ‘square,’ and has housed many demonstrations and parades dating as far back as the good ole days when the area was simply known as “Bohemia.”  It features many stand-out sites, such as the gilded facade of the Hotel Evropa, the legendary National Museum and more ‘Man on Horse’ statues than you can count.  This location could be quite nice if you want your proposal to have that classical, weighty and storied feel to it…or if you guys are equestrians.

Mucha Museum


Does your lady fair have a flair for art?  Groundbreaking Art-Noveau, in particular?  One of the most beloved artistes to come out of Prague is Alphonse Mucha, a turn of the 20th century provocateur d’paint.  Best known for his revolutionarily styled portrait of Sarah Bernhardt, Mucha became synonymous with the sweeping Art Nouveau movement.  His work can be seen throughout Prague, in stained glass, such as in the luminous piece above featured in the St. Vitus Cathedral (possibly a nice proposal place too…but you’d have to do it really quietly since you’d be in a church).  The Mucha Museum showcases many of the eponymous artist’s works, and just may put your betrothed in the optimal mood for rococo romance and eternal, everlasting love.  Sigh again.

Star Summer Palace (Letohrádek Hvězda)  


If your special someone (who’s to say they have to be a ‘woman’ – it’s 2015, after all) likes to travel off the beaten path, the Star Summer Palace, or “Star Villa,” could be just the romantically remote spot to take the knee.  A few miles away from the center of the city, the Star Villa is located in the middle of a game reserve (which could appeal to the animal lover as well).  The building itself was constructed during the Renaissance period, and has that ‘maiden trapped in the window’ / Rapunzel feel to it.  The structure is in the shape of a six-pointed star (hence the stellar name), and could be worked into a proposal phrase, along the lines of “You are a shining star / I’m starry-eyed when I look at you / Want to watch Star Trek?” …or something to that effect.

Whichever spot you opt to take your loved one to, it will be amazing, as all of this dazzling city is aesthetically, historically and atmospherically bountiful.  So good luck, or as the Czechs say: “hodně štěstí!” …just rolls right off the tongue.


-Joe Leone

How to Make Cash at Home

10 Fun Ways 


Anyone who is a member of any faction of modern society knows that they need access to money in order to properly…live.  They do this by either ‘working for a living,’ being born (or marrying) rich or coming up with an idea for a mobile app that is so amazing they end up set for life (Uber, Pinterest, AmIHotOrNot.com).  This is a very basic tenet of contemporary existence.  However (and luckily for some of you!), there are a few loopholes.  Aside from going on an expedition for missing treasure, there are numerous other, quite tangible ways in which you can earn cash – all set up from the relative comfort of your own house/Winnebago/teepee.  Behold, the top 10 ways to make dough at home.

Up in the Air

If you haven’t heard of AirBnB.com by now…well, there’s no chance of that you haven’t, so let’s just proceed.  Turn that extra bedroom/walk-in closet/maid’s personal pool house into instant cash.  Not an iota of spare space in your current domicile?  Well, then it sounds like a trip to your favorite relative’s home/couch while you rent out your place to an eager world traveler is entirely in store.  The best part is that the company has a fairly extensive vetting process (for both renters and rentees), so most likely you won’t have to deal with too many felons getting cozy in your pad.  The site takes only 3% of what you charge your visitors (and you can set your rate, either insultingly high or embarrassingly low, in any fashion you like).


Nice and Roomy

Ok, this is like Airbnb for the baller crowd: roomorama.com.  While the name doesn’t indicate the slightly fancier aspect of most of the luxurious listings here, this is actually a glorious choice if you have a larger or more upscale space to rent out (like a villa, chateau or shack d’amour).  Now, they take 8-12% of the fee you collect, so it’s a good idea to list your place on both of the aforementioned sites.  Ultimately, select whoever is going to give you the most loot, after calculating for the subtracted commission rates.

Get Office-ial

Not everyone adores the idea of strangers sleeping in their beds (…obviously certain individuals actually do, but that’s a topic for another discussion on making extra money altogether).  If you have a spare room in your house or apartment that can double as an ‘office space’ then you can turn that enclosure into instant cash with DeskTime (desktimeapp.com).  You just throw some pictures up on their site, and then people come and work in your designated area for whatever timeframe you like.  *Bonus: you can walk through the ‘office’ whenever you like and pretend you are the boss, telling the person renting the room to ‘Fax this for me.’  (…you don’t have a fax)


Half the effort, twice the Fun

This is like eBay light.  Half.com is technically a subdivision of eBay, where you don’t have to go through the whole bidding process, etc.  You just let them know what merchandise you want to sell (typically, music, movies and tech-related things garner the best prices), they give you an offer price, then you ship your stuff to them and they send you your loot through Paypal.  They also have another, self-serving option: take your payment in the form of a “Half.com Gift Card” and get an additional %15 bonus.  That may be the perfectly incentivized option for online shopaholics, like some of you saucy, commercialism driven folks out there.

The Ultimate re-gift-card!

Whoever came up with the idea for this company is a certified genius.  Each year, during the holidays, people receive “gift cards” from various relatives, friends or part-time-lovers who can’t think of a darn thing to get each other.  Often these cards reside in a wallet or purse for many moons before they are even discovered again (sorry, Aunt Helen, nobody buys things on iTunes anymore).  So cardcash.com was created, to give you a place to dump said gift cards and receive back about 90% of the cash value.  Ka-ching!  Now that $25 of “Bed, Bath and Beyond” nonsense can be 22 actual dollars in your pocket.  Win.

*You can even get rid of your Half.com Gift Card…


Not So Secret Agent

Well, now we’re going to get into some of the weirder ones.  There exists a site called AgentAnything.com where people post tasks that they would like completed, and a fee they are willing to shell out.  Wages range from the meager ($10) to the relatively extravagant (several hundred).  You just pick a project that is suited to your skill set, and violà, moolah on the way.  The assignments listed are pretty diverse, from “Find a four string quartet” to “Attend a Lecture/Prepare a Summary” to “Like everyone of my Instagram pictures” to “Tickle my Elmo” (…that last one is made up).

CON: you have to be a college student to participate in this.

PRO: seems totally worth it to take an online university course just to be eligible for the “jobs” on this cool and quirky site.

Go on Tour

Do you live in an interesting city, historic town or any other locale that people want to visit (ie: basically anywhere that isn’t Detroit)?  Then that means there are tourists that are voraciously hungry for information about your specific geographic location.  Sign up on vayable.com to be a tour guide, and you can disseminate all the hometown knowledge you have cluttering your brain, as these wayward vacationers gawk and snap endless selfies.  You get to choose how valuable the words coming out of your mouth are, as you can set your own prices.  The good folks at Vayable take a 15% commish.


Can you just…focus??

You probably know someone who has participated in a focus group and gotten paid for it; you can be just like them!  If you like sharing your opinion (as much as your old classmate with the new baby likes sharing photos on Facebook), then this could be the perfect outlet for you.  At findfocusgroups.com, all you have to do is select your location and pick a group that looks appealing to you (apparel, education, shopping, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rivalries, etc.)  They typically pay 100 to 250 bucks a shot, for as little as an hour or so of “work.”  Pretty sweet when you think about it.

Let’s just be Friends

Now this is going to sound a little odd…but people are willing to pay to be your friend.  You just make a friendly profile on RentaFriend.com, like you would for a dating site.  However, Rent-a-Friend ensures that when you put yourself up for rent, it’s strictly for friendship, no funny-touchy-grabby-lawsuity business.  You typically can make about 50 smackers an hour, as you attend events (concerts, the Superbowl, barn raisings) with your new “buddy.”  As the renter is paying for the entire service, you get to keep the whole fee that you charge for your ever so valuable friendship; the site doesn’t dip into your profits at all.  They say you “can’t buy love,” but clearly you can rent out friendship for a phenomenal price.


Ring in the new you.

If you’re looking to make some serious cash, think about selling any diamond jewelry you may have.  DiamondLighthouse.com lets you ship your diamond items, totally for free, to their lab in Manhattan and then receive an expert GIA trained gemologist evaluation of them.  They then place your diamond(s) on the market, in an open bidding platform (available only to vetted, professional buyers).  You can then view and accept or reject the offers that come in.  If you choose to accept an offer, they send you the payment, post haste.  Boom.  All from the convenience of your own hammock, Lay-Z-Boy or full-body massage chair.

Oh, by the way, that’s our company, and it’s the best.  Check out the glowing reviews people have left here – and learn even more info here.


Happy At-Home Earning!

-Joe Leone