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Top Ten Divorce Movies

From Rom-Coms to sad, sad psycho-dramas, many films deal with the always intriguing, if sometimes volatile, topic of divorce.  Here we have compiled a list of our favorite divorce movies, in order from those that present the issue in a jovial, comedic way, down to those which showcase The Great Split in the darkest possible shaft of light.

It’s Complicated – Cute, cute, cute.  This Nancy Meyers film makes divorce seem like just too much fun.  It’s hard to not appear that way with a debonair yet mischievous Alec Baldwin and a flirtatious Meryl Streep, at her white wine swilling best, in the lead roles.  As these two secretly reconnect after their split, new life is breathed into their relationship, and the sparks fly.  Overall, a fun, Rom-Com-trope filled film, but It’s Complicated actually seems more like It’s Unrealistic.

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Best Places to Propose, Locally

Diamond-Lighthouse-selling-love-heartsWhen it comes to marriage proposals, there’s the good, the bad and the down right ugly.  Many a creative gentleman has engineered the perfect proposal, from the guy who essentially made a movie montage of him and his girlfriend’s entire past, to the chap who orchestrated a full on flash mob to help him pledge his allegiance to his betrothed.  The key ingredient in these proposals was that the guys in question knew their audience.  Some potential bride-to-be’s may love that sort of attention, others might shy away from it.  Unless you really think she’d go head over heels for it (and say “Yes”…), we recommend staying away from the “on live television,” “in front of a stadium crowd,” and “onstage at a Broadway show!“ motifs.  The most important thing is to be sincere, honest and sentimental without going over the top.  There are a variety of ideal locations to pop the question, ranging from ones that are readily accessible and affordable, to the more exotic, mystical and luxurious.  Here we’ve compiled a collection of our favorite enchanting places/concepts that won’t require a passport or a bank breaking voyage. Continue reading Best Places to Propose, Locally