Retirement Planning Guide

Special Guest Blog – by Art Koff  The misconception that all diamonds appreciate in value can hit boomers and retirees the hardest. Many clients of Diamond Lighthouse need help selling their diamond assets in order to pay off debt. According to a Fidelity Research Institute report, over half of boomers and retirees don’t plan their retirement … Continue reading Retirement Planning Guide

Spring Cleaning: Alternative Style

Wonderful things seem to be blossoming all around, don’t they?  Seedlings bud, birds gleefully chirp and solar rays gently warm your face.  Spring is in the air, and subsequently in your step.  After an unfathomably long and stuffy winter you finally fling the windows open and breathe in the fresh, fragrant air.  “Time for some … Continue reading Spring Cleaning: Alternative Style

Facing The Final (Bankruptcy) Chapter: 7

aka – When Liquid Assets Leak Out So what exactly is “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?”  Well…it’s not good. The notorious yet somewhat arcane Chapter 7 is when you declare (yes, from the rooftops, in a joyous, mellifluous bellow!) personal bankruptcy, and any assets you possess are liquidated in order to settle your insurmountable debts.  This is … Continue reading Facing The Final (Bankruptcy) Chapter: 7

The Most Expensive Divorces in Recorded History – Part 2

If you thought the last installment of divorce proceedings were pricey, just wait ’til you get a load of these expensive divorces in history… The Real Estate Mogul(’s Son) vs. the Hong Kong Kutie  Originally granted $1.4 billion by a Hong Kong court, the Court of Appeal there has very recently readjusted that figure to … Continue reading The Most Expensive Divorces in Recorded History – Part 2

Get in Shape! The History of Diamond Shapes

By now you’ve learned the very distinct distinction between diamond ‘cuts’ and diamond ‘shapes’ (you’ve been religiously reading this blog, right?).  So now we are ready to dig a little deeper into the different diamond shape varieties and their diverse and dynamic origins.  There are 10 major shape classifications, each one shapelier than the next. … Continue reading Get in Shape! The History of Diamond Shapes