Best Places to Propose: Focus on Venice


Momma Mia!  You are finally ready to pop-a the big question, but you’re not about to drop to one knee and propose to your signora at “Johnny’s Pizzeria.”  So where to?  Why, how about one of the most romantic, canal ensconced cities on the planet?  Ciao, bella – we’re off to Venice!

Here are some of the most iconic and luxurious locales in the City of Canals to ask your lady fair to be yours forever.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t mind getting a little water-logged.

The Rialto Bridge 


Definitely one of the most recognizable sites in Venezia, this massive bridge (Ponti di Rialto, for the purists) was constructed in 1591 and has been making ever lasting impressions ever since.  Centrally located over the Grand Canal, the key to perfectly pulling this proposal off is to execute it either very late at night or super early in the morning – otherwise you’ll be bombarded by other tourists who may or may not accidentally (or not) knock you into the canal and ruin your dolce vida.

Musica a Palazzo 

via Wikipedia
via Wikipedia

Not as well known as La Fenice, this opera house feels more like an opera home; it’s intimate, warm and is the Venetian operatic equivalent of “Sleep No More” (you follow the action to different rooms throughout the palazzo).  Avoid the corny and embarrassing American desire to propose to your bella in front of the 100 person crowd and simply wait until the performance is over.  That will be the ideal time to give one of your own, for a captive audience of one.

Saint Mark’s Basilica


The Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco is regarded as one of the most glorious cathedrals in the world.  Even if you don’t get to admire the astounding mosaics paintings inside (because you are scared you might burn up upon entering), just the exterior of this church will have her teeming with feelings of awe and wonder.  Rejecting a pulchritudinous proposal at this site would simply be blasphemous.

(some intriguing facts about St. Mark’s Cathedral)



This quaint and somewhat remote area makes up the southern most tip of Venice.  The ancient homes still standing here are a variety of mind blowing colors, best viewed in the waning hours of sunset.  If your woman enjoys cozy inlets and mysterious labyrinthine alleys then this could be the perfect spot for you.  Just don’t get actually lost here; you could find yourself at the mercy of an avaricious gondolier looking to squeeze your fat American wallet.

San Giorgio Maggiore


Set in the middle of a little island known as San Giorgio Maggiore is a bell tower (campanile) that reaches up into the sky.  Few people (tourists) are aware that from the apex of this miraculous structure is a broad sweeping view, showcasing some of Venice’s prime attractions.  Gazing across the azure water you can clearly see the iconic Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s square and the striking campanile situated there that lords over the entire city.  Ask for her hand here and she’d have to be ‘batz’ not to say “Sí.”  End the night at the nearby Cipriani Hotel (Venice’s most posh) and you’re definitely in store for some amoré.

Punta della Dogana Gallery 


This modern art gallery has some real history to it.  Fancy Frenchman François Pinault seized possession of a series of warehouses (originally erected in the 17th century) and renovated them to showcase his massive art collection, which allegedly includes over 2,500 works.  He essentially gave Japanese architect/visionary Tadao Ando a blank check to renovate the space in 2007, ergo a confluence of international influences can be seen festooning the walls.  Bottom line, if your girl has exquisite, eclectic or eccentric artistic tastes, here could be the setting of the masterpiece proposal you’re looking for.

Gondola ride


While many may find this incredibly clichéd, corny and flat out lame, there are a number of the fairer sex out there who would truly love a flowing-canal-water-proposal more than any other.  In truth, the waters can be beautiful and the atmosphere serene.  Just make sure you pay off the gondola guy to stay out of the populated areas and out of your business when you whip out your ring.

…or Water Taxi 


If your lady is a little more fast paced, a private water taxi can be the way to go.  Channel James Bond as you jet through the aqua hued expanses of sea, your hair whipping majestically in the briny wind.  If your engagement ring goes flying in the water though, just be prepared to spend the rest of your trip scuba diving.

Well, that’s all, gentlemen: Arriverderci and Buona Fortuna!




-Joe Leone 


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