Best Places to Propose, Locally

Diamond-Lighthouse-selling-love-heartsWhen it comes to marriage proposals, there’s the good, the bad and the down right ugly.  Many a creative gentleman has engineered the perfect proposal, from the guy who essentially made a movie montage of him and his girlfriend’s entire past, to the chap who orchestrated a full on flash mob to help him pledge his allegiance to his betrothed.  The key ingredient in these proposals was that the guys in question knew their audience.  Some potential bride-to-be’s may love that sort of attention, others might shy away from it.  Unless you really think she’d go head over heels for it (and say “Yes”…), we recommend staying away from the “on live television,” “in front of a stadium crowd,” and “onstage at a Broadway show!“ motifs.  The most important thing is to be sincere, honest and sentimental without going over the top.  There are a variety of ideal locations to pop the question, ranging from ones that are readily accessible and affordable, to the more exotic, mystical and luxurious.  Here we’ve compiled a collection of our favorite enchanting places/concepts that won’t require a passport or a bank breaking voyage.

Overlooking: ______, while the sun rises/sets.


Getting this one right is a little tricky, but if you pull it off, you’ll look like a god of romance.  You first need to find a location that has some sort of significance to you both as a couple.  Perhaps it’s at make-out point, where you had your first kiss.  Maybe it’s the top of a glorious hill…overlooking the sewage treatment plant you met at.  What’s important is that the location will instantly get her emotionally tingling.  The next step is simply knowing which she likes better: sunsets or sunrises.  If you don’t know this by now, you need to reassess if you should be getting hitched at all.  Lastly, you need to devise a non-contrived way of getting her up there – and nothing potentially disturbing like “You need to see this body I found!”  Keep it classy, and believable.  If she sees it coming a million miles away, it loses that tiny edge – and that’s what makes it most memorable.

Spot of your first date

The reason this sounds a tad boring is because it has a high probability of being just that, and possibly worse.  If the aforementioned sewage treatment plant, or any other such non-romantic spot (ie: the food court at the mall, a sweaty carnival, a Wendy’s parking lot) is the location of your first amorous encounter, then scrap this idea.  If you took her to a superb restaurant, a private beach, or anywhere that allows for sensational star-gazing, then you’re on the right track.  The intrinsic memories she has of your initial rendezvous will instantly get her in a pleasantly nostalgic mood.  When you finally spring the question, she’ll be putty in your ring bearing hands.

Any Private Locale Where You Sing to Her

If executed properly, with true heartfelt sincerity and just a tinge of self deprecating humor, this can be a real winner.  Whether you have a mellifluous voice or not is not really the point.  If you write her a song from the heart, it will have quite the impact (if you truly are clumsy with the written word, feel free to enlist a wordsmith friend for assistance/editing).  What is important here is that it should be an intimate moment.  If you opt for a big, showy exploit, just be warned that things could go awry, in a humiliating way.  A great accompaniment to your tune would be if you could play the guitar as well, or any other romantic, non-abrasive instrument (read: no clarinet, french horn or trombone please).

Fancy Hotel

Even though you might not be jet-setting around the world, you can still have an exquisite night in a lavish hotel.

Obligatory red roses, scented candles and fine champagne should naturally be preset in the room.  Aurally pleasing mood music is also key.  When the time is right, bring her to the balcony (this is a must have for the room) and take in (what should be) the magnificent view together.  She clearly may be expecting the part when you eventually drop to one knee, but at this point it truly will be a great expectation.

For the Cinephile

This one could come off as a little cheese-o-rific, but could also be absolutely charming if done right.  If your (hopeful) fiancee-to-be is a major movie buff, you could recreate their favorite (romantic) scene, from their favorite film.  So much the better if it’s an actual proposal scene.  If you can cleverly give her the present of her “costume” (without her noticing that’s what the garb actually is) and then whisk her off to “set” successfully, you’re almost home free.  Just make sure the replication of the setting and your portrayal of the hero is equally spot on.  Some examples: a “Say Anything” moment where you stand on her lawn and play her favorite song on an 80’s sized boom box – a “The Notebook Moment” reenactment where you run up to her and embrace, with a full burly beard, all while rain cascades down – or go classic and do the final sequence of “Casablanca” (super romantic, even though they technically get separated – and sorry, more rain).

Cook a meal of all your loved one’s favs

The key to this one is research.  Find out not only her favorite food and wine, but precisely how she likes it cooked, seasoned and presented.  If all of the appetizers and entrées come out sublimely, and she is sufficiently satiated and impressed, you are then allowed a little chees(cake)-iness.  You can then bring out her favorite dessert with the quintessential “Will you marry me?” spelled out in icing.  It’s as sweet (literally) as it is corny; just make sure you have a brilliant, pallet cleansing ring to go along with it.

Flower Garden

All women (even those with horrific allergies) love flowers, and flower gardens.  You simply can’t go wrong here.  Ideally, find a private glen or cove in a lush floral garden (hopefully at a time of year when everything is in full bloom) and let Mother Nature do the heavy lifting.  The combination of olfactory delights and winsome whorls of multi-chromatic, supple petals will have her swooning.  When you then slide the ring, that is equally as resplendent and stunning as your surrounding environment, onto her finger, you know you’ve given her something to brag about to her friends and family for life.

Regardless of which method or location you choose, we at Diamond Lighthouse wish you all the luck in the world.  Remember, keep it true to your heart, relevant to her personality and specific to you both as a couple.  Of course, the ring you present to her is a large part of the equation.  You might have a lovely older ring that has been handed down to you, but the stone just doesn’t suit her style.  You can sell the diamond, still keep the mounting, and make a substantial amount of money to help finance a new gemstone that fits her better (find out more).


-Joe Leone


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