Best Places to Propose: Focus on PARIS

Paris, France, the “City of Lights,” is arguably the most romantic metropolis on the globe.  It has long been associated with budding love, eternal bonds and poignant memories.  Naturally this is an ideal location to pop the big question.  Here are a few of the best known and also some secretive spots to inquire if she will spend her life at your side.  C’est la vie! …Whatever that means.


La tour Eiffel

Some things are incredibly cliché but still very touching and beautiful, and this is the most iconic structure of romantic love for a reason.  The Eiffel Tower literally towers over Paris, like a beacon of perpetual ardor.  Oui, there will be a lot of sappy dudes up there doing the same “Will you marry me??” thing, but if your lady likes the classics, then this lovely locale is for you.

Also, it’s in ALL these


Pont des Arts 

This is the one and only destination for any girl who still identifies with “Carrie” from Sex and the City as her true role model.  It’s the spot where she and some Big(?) Guy reunite and he professes his love to her (…or something like that).  The bridge over the Seine River here represents the linking of one life to another; the journey you and your betrothed are about to embark on …or something like that.


 Sacré Cœur Basilica Cathedral 

If your gal likes large religious structures, then here’s your spot.  Translated to “The Sacred Heart,” this epic church is sure to melt her ticker.


Notre Dame

If you are troll-like and/or have scoliosis, the cathedral of N.D. might be the perfect place for you.  Your darling lady may pity you like Esmerelda did to Quasimodo, and allow you to slip a ring on her slender finger, with your grubby ones.


Montmartre Region

A little marketplace set aloft on a hill.  Labyrinthine streets curl throughout, all inset with adorable cafes and boutiques.  If your companion is into shopping or art, this is your place.  World renown artists such as Dali, Monet, Picasso and Van Gogh were known to paint here in their day (and what’s more romantic than melting clocks and severed ears?).


Wall of “I Love You’s”

It’s a wall.  It says “I Love You” on it.  In 250 languages.  Do the math.  If she likes love, she gonna’ love this.


Arc de Triomphe

The most famous structure on the most famous street (the Champs-Élysées) in this fair city, the arc is certainly epic.  The vista here is so vibrant and vivid, she will not be able to forget this moment…even if she wants to.


Luxembourg Palace and Gardens

The most beatific floral garden in Paris, this is a sure thing for the female who fawns over flora.  Added romance bonus: break into the palace at night and pretend to be royal lovers (like Napoleon and Josephine, who once presided here) …before le inspectuer de police throws you in le prison.


Place des Vosges

Even Paris has corny things.  While this may be the city’s oldest “planned square,” replete with a gorgeous jardin, it also has a ferris wheel (La Grande Roue)!  Wait ’til you guys are stopped at the top and then BAM – whip out that diamond.  Just don’t drop it for the love of Mon Dieu.


Palais Garnier

Is she a cultured, operaphile?  Then you’d be remiss to pass over the Palais Garnier, Europe’s most astoundingly eye catching, gilded opera house.  This is where Leroux’s story “The Phantom of the Opera” takes place, so you know it’s romantic.  This could also work if she’s really into creepy things likes wailing ghosts.


Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Overlooking the entire city, this park is a contender for one of the most romantic spots in the universe.  Grottos galore.  Dazzling waterfalls.  Majestic cliffs.  A perfectly placid lake.  There’s even a tiny gazebo at the top of one of the vast hills, seemingly designed for proposing.  There’s absolutely no way that she could say ‘no’ here – if solely for the fear you’ll push her down the mountain.

Bonne chance, monsieurs!


-Joe Leone


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