Time For A Diamond Upgrade: Ten Places to Buy

One of your fondest memories is of the day you said “Yes.”  You will never forget that day or the feelings it brought.  You will also never forget the ring itself.  Yet over time, your tastes have probably evolved.  The stone, while forever beautiful in your mind, may not match with your current style.  You may have a marquise or princess cut diamond, but would now love a round brilliant, which is presently very popular (Learn More).  So you have made a bold decision and elected to upgrade your diamond.  The money that your old stone will garner shall go a long way in helping to finance your new one.  From the modest to the extravagant, here are ten locations/outlets where you can upgrade your ring, and how each could relate to your specific purchase.

#10 – Online Retailer.  Purchasing online can be a great way to get a bargain (it can also be a great way to get ripped off if you’re not careful).  Gorgeous stones are often offered at incredible sale prices (the highest overall rated site is Blue Nile).  It is important to remember that any diamond you buy online (anywhere, in fact) should come with a validated certificate of authentication (ideally from the GIA).  Some of the pertinent questions you should ask: Are transactions secure?  How is the diamond shipped (insured?) ?  Does the company have positive reviews and feedback?  If the answers to these questions are satisfactory to you, you can click “buy now” with confidence.

#9 – Local Jeweler.  A local jeweler can potentially deliver a beautiful stone to you at a fair price.  It is in the jeweler’s best interest, ideally, to get you the highest quality diamond for the value, as they should be simultaneously trying to cultivate a long lasting relationship with you, the customer, and also building or maintaining a good reputation in the community.  Just make sure that the firm is established and trustworthy, and that your purchase is guaranteed.


#8 – Larger Department Store / Not Synonymous with Jewelry.  For this category, we’ll use Costco as an example.  An exposè on ABC News once proved that the value of the stones sold at larger department stores (in this case, Costco, which is a discount membership chain) are quite high.  You really are getting a lot of bang for your buck here, and if the setting isn’t to your aesthetic liking, you can always have it re-set somewhere else.

#7 – Larger Department Store / Known for Jewelry.  Now on to one location that everyone associates with national jewelry sales: Macy’s.  Macy’s has a solid reputation for selling quality jewel at affordable prices.  A major perk in buying a diamond here would be if you can capitalize on one of the limited time sales that come up every so often (a 15% discount on a diamond can have a significant impact).

via en.wikipedia.org
via en.wikipedia.org

#6 – Moderately Priced National Stores.  Here we have Kay JewelersJared Jewelry Boutique, Mark and Morgan Jewelers…and many more.  All of these are under the larger parent company Sterling Jewels, Inc., which in itself is a subsidiary of Signet Jewelers Limited, the #1 largest retail jeweler worldwide (in terms of sales).  So what all of this translates to you is that they are able to offer very competitive prices, due to their utter massiveness.


#5 – Similarly Priced Retail Store.  Zales – a major competitor of Signet, Zales was the first jewelry store to offer a “lay away” payment plan, way back in 1924 (not something you would need after you collect the substantial profit from the sale of your old diamond with the help of Diamond Lighthouse).  Here you will have a very similar buying experience as at the Signet stores, including their straight forward return policy.

#4 – Higher Tier Stores.  Bulgari.  Now on to the next level up, in terms of quality of stones.  Italian based Bulgari (often spelled “BVLGARI”, in honor of it’s Latin language roots).  Founded in 1884 in Rome, this prestigious company obviously has a long standing reputation in the jewelry world – and now also that of luxury items, including high end watches, and a chain of hotels.  What this means for you, the consumer, is a degree of insured excellence.


#3 – High End.  One example of the highest pedigree of diamonds in the business is Graff.  This company boasts a collection of some of the most sought after specialty diamonds in the world.  A plethora of shapes and hues, some stones such as the Lesotho Promise, The Delaire Sunrise, and The Constellation, have sold for upwards of 20 million dollars.  Of course, they also offer more reasonable priced gemstones.  Here you are not only buying a perfect diamond, but also the prestige that comes with it.

#2 – High End.  Cartier, or formally, Société Cartier, is known as a premiere name in not only diamonds but also watches (which mostly are accompanied by their diamonds as well) – as they designed the first ever wristwatch.  A history of selling to figures of the throne, King Edward VII of England once remarked that Cartier was “the jeweler of kings, and the king of jewelers.”  So if your ultimate diamond buying destination is here, be prepared to be treated like royalty.  With retail stores on the most exclusive streets in every major worldwide city, Cartier will cater to your every diamond related whim.

#1 – Highest End.  Tiffany & Co.  This Manhattan based company has become the eponymous name in highest caliber diamonds.  Not to say that a Tiffany diamond is any more “flawless” than any of the ones its actual competitors offer, but there is just something to be said about owning a “Tiffany”.  Even the branding of their turquoise box has become internationally iconic symbol of affluence, class and probity.  Needless to say, you know what you are getting with Tiffany.

Tiffany's 5th Ave
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So whether your budget will allow you to be outfitted with a multi tiered fancy red diamond necklace in a shop on the Rue de la Paix in Paris, or from the comfort of your own home while you shop online, making the leap from old to new will be an invigorating and rewarding experience.  Let Diamond Lighthouse make this dazzling journey all that you hope it will be.  (Learn More)

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