Proposal Stories: Celebrity Style


Celebrities: they’re just like us!  They come up with clever proposals …and extremely trite ones too.  Read on to see which proposal strategies give you chills and which send you directly into a diabetic coma.

Heidi Klum & Seal

Breaking the Seal: The Charming of an Angel 

If you want to make your proposal memorable, then take a cue from this Sea Lion named crooner.  No, he didn’t give her a kiss …from a rose …on a grave…rather he flew her in a private helicopter to the peak of an ice mountain in British Columbia.  Then, to make things twice as nice in the ice, he brought her to an igloo that he had constructed just for the occasion and proposed in there.  Luckily Heidi overcame the case of hypothermia she endured, and only lost three toes to frostbite during the ordeal.


Brooke Mueller & Charlie Sheen

#WINNING …her heart – for a few years anyway.  

The tiger blood fueled Ma-Sheen wanted to make an impression on Ms. Mueller.  He took the lovely real estate professional/star of the transcendent film “Witchhouse” to the luscious Latin land of Costa Rica.  He slipped a designer watch on her wrist with the inscription “Wanna Get Married?” and then an 11 carat fancy yellow sparkler on her finger.  The rest is romance history…until they divorced two years later and both checked into rehab.


Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Trifle Tower – A Story of Cliché Cruise Control 

Legend has it that lilliputian Cruise took Dawson’s comely ex to the top of the Eiffel Tower and popped the question there.  Sounds a trifle staged, as many people have speculated their entire marriage was.  Just look at those grins…


Giuliana DePandi & Bill Rancic

E! for Engagement!  

Flying over a festive, holiday time Chi-town, guzzling champagne and chowing down on pizza; “Apprentice” champ Billy nailed the ideal proposal scenario for Giuliana, and has yet to be ‘fired.’


Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman

High (Love) Notes  

Xtina deserved nothing less than a hotel room full of roses, poems, presents and carats.  Big shot music exec. Bratman didn’t disappoint the judgy singer (…from “The Voice”) when he brought her on vacation and executed his stereotypically sweet strategy.  Sometimes corniness can be romantic.


Tracy Warbin & Noah Wyle

Emergency!  About to die! …from a sugar overload.  

“ER” star Noah wouldn’t let his girlfriend Tracy’s protests that she didn’t want a cheesy Valentine’s Day proposal stop him from crafting the cheesi-EST one he could muster.  A scavenger hunt, an outdoor picnic and a shiny diamond ring later, and Tracy abruptly changed her tune by gladly accepting his offer of a lifetime of syrupy sappiness.  Awww.  Sometimes you just have to go with your instincts…even if they are old hat.


Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O’Connell

Adding a little pre-marital Mystique 

Former chubby child star Jerry decided he wanted to ‘Stand By’ R.R. (sans Stamos) by asking for her hand while revisiting his childhood home in NYC.  By dropping the pretense of a fancy shmancy proposal and focusing on the truly personal, O’Connell was able to win Rebecca’s hot heart, the way Uncle Jessie never really could.


Jamie King & Kyle Newman

Cut!  When a King is your screen queen you have to keep rolling

The cute pair of actress Jamie and director Kyle were all set to jet around the world to commence their official union.  Yet proposal plans got derailed when the ring Kyle selected didn’t show up in time for their departure.  Instead of sneering: “Newman!” through gritted teeth, Jamie calmly let her beau lead her around L.A., chasing down Fedex delivery trucks that potentially held their platinum symbol of betrothal.  They eventually found it and Kyle just took Jamie to a park and got on one knee right there…

The touching moral: When you cast your actress girlfriend in your films, you don’t really need a perfect proposal.


Tiffany Thiessen & Brady Smith

90210-my, how sweet!  – Ditching the “Amber” and green-lighting a marriage

Brady Smith used his creativity and talent to pen a book detailing Tiffany and his life together – with pictures too!  After she read it (and possibly colored in the drawings?) he proposed, she accepted, and the two have been making Lifetime Original Movies ever since.


-Joe Leone


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